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  • WIT
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    • Feb 2005
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    • Portland, OR.

    Another mobile base

    I live in a rented condo and my current "shop" is the middle bay of a shared three car garage (about 8'x20'). The first five feet of this space is dedicated to storage so I had to find a way to make my BT3100 fit and still be able to get my car in when I'm done working (fortunately I own a small car).

    So I took a hint from the folding mobile base used on the Rigid worksite tablesaw. I mounted my saw on a standard two wheeled dolly and built some folding legs and supports out of two by material and 3 1/2" butt hinges. It stands about 35 1/2" high when set up. I also built a chock to capture the wheels to prevent the saw from moving around while it's in use. So far my base seems at least as stable as the metal stand shipped with it from the factory. And the best part is that when I'm done it folds up for storage.

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  • RodKirby
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    • Dec 2002
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    • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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    Now THAT's different [:O]

    What a great idea - very clever and SO practical [^]
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    • Pappy
      The Full Monte
      • Dec 2002
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      • San Marcos, TX, USA.
      • BT3000 (x2)

      That has to be the most inovative stand I've seen yet, WIT!
      Don, aka Pappy,

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      • Stytooner
        Roll Tide RIP Lee
        • Dec 2002
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        • Robertsdale, AL, USA.
        • BT3100

        Keep on Truckin, Wit. Welcome aboard. Great looking design. The BT has been called the Swiss Army Knife of tablesaws and somehow your base brings it another notch closer to actually looking like one. [8D]


        • Ken Weaver
          Veteran Member
          • Feb 2004
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          • Clemson, SC, USA
          • Rigid TS3650

          WIT, that is some really creative thinking!! And it WORKS!!!!
          Ken Weaver
          Clemson, SC

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          • leehljp
            Just me
            • Dec 2002
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            • Tunica, MS
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            With that kind of creativity, I can't wait to see some of your future work!
            Hank Lee

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            • mikebanks
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              • Jul 2004
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              • lowell, ma, USA.
              • 2 BT3000 and 2 Delta 34-400's

              I have toyed around with that idea before.

              It has some plus's and Minus's.

              Plus's- It can be moved real easy. Also over just about any bump, or any obsticle in its course. Great storage idea when not in use.

              Minus's- It cant have storage anywhere. You can't have a any real add-ons when you use the saw like outfeed tables and such.

              If you are doing basic operations, It's a great idea.

              I was thinking just buying another BT to do something like that, and have one for the shop.

              GREAT idea.....




              • smc331
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                • Apr 2003
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                • Charlotte, NC, USA.
                • BT3100

                Cool! Very creative - look forward to more projects. The inventive minds on this forum continue to blow me away!

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                • Mainemarc
                  Senior Member
                  • Nov 2003
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                  • Portland, ME, USA.

                  Hot ****, Wit!

                  That is inspired, truly inspired. Sam, I do hope you work with Wit to get an article out this; Wit's idea is that good. Nicely executed too!

                  Welcome to the forum, Wit, you're going to fit right in!


                  • LarryG
                    The Full Monte
                    • May 2004
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                    • Off The Back
                    • Powermatic PM2000, BT3100-1

                    Now that is what I call thinking WAY outside the box. Nice. Clever.

                    One question: does the unit have to be leaned up against something to keep it from falling over forward, or is the cargo-lifting "foot" on the hand truck big enough to hold it upright?


                    • WIT
                      Forum Newbie
                      • Feb 2005
                      • 9
                      • Portland, OR.


                      That is the biggest problem I've found so far with this design. With all of the weight on the cargo side the unit tends to want to tip in that direction when upright. I have sort of found a neutral balance point by removing the sliding miter table and placing a flat 2x4 under the cargo lift.

                      I've been toying with the idea of adding a small storage space on the back (wheel) side of the dolly to add weight and act as a counterbalance. Some day when I get a "real" shop space I will mount the BT in a cabinet style base but for now this should meet my needs.

                      I love the Swiss Army Knife comparison and would be happy to work with Sam on an article.
                      Woodworker In Training


                      • gugie
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                        • Dec 2002
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                        • Redwood City, CA, USA.
                        • BT3000

                        How many of us will now go out and buy an extra BT3k, now that you've given us a way to easily move one around? You may have just sold a few hundred units for Ryobi!


                        • monte
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                          • Dec 2002
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                          • Paw Paw, MI, USA.
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                          Nice idea Wit! Looks like it should work very well.
                          Monte (another darksider)
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                          • twistsol
                            Veteran Member
                            • Dec 2002
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                            • Cottage Grove, MN, USA.
                            • Ridgid R4512, 2x ShopSmith Mark V 520, 1951 Shopsmith 10ER

                            That is a brilliant idea, simple and functional. The creativity demonstrated on this formum never ceases to amaze me. Nice job!
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                            A moral man does it.


                            • MPod
                              Established Member
                              • Aug 2003
                              • 169
                              • Lenexa, KS, USA.

                              Now THAT's a contractor saw! Have Jobsite, Will Travel.
                              Measure with a micrometer, mark it with a crayon, cut it with an axe.