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  • jhudge
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    • Jan 2005
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    Shim Fix/Upgrade

    After having looked around the site for the last couple of weeks, I finally decided to join. Just in time, as I have finally encountered the shim problem on my BT3000. I remember seeing something about a fix and/or upgrade, but as is typically the case, I can't find it now that I need it. Can anyone out there offer advice on the best way to tackle this?

  • Whaler
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    • Dec 2002
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    • Sequim, WA, USA.
    • DW746

    The conversion is easy, no ,ore difficult than putting back in the old style shims.

    Here is what you need:
    2 ea #0181010314 spring shims (BT3100)
    2 ea #969600001 flat shims (BT3000/BT3100)
    1 ea guide holder #0181010110 (BT3100)

    I would suggest that as long as the saw is torn down that you replace the belts.
    2 ea #662329001 (BT3000/BT3100}

    Some have had a problem seating the new guide holder on the bearing race. It is not a push on fit by hand. I used two small Quick Clamps to seat it.

    The parts are available through: east of the Miss. 877-500-7499 west of the Miss.


    • Black wallnut
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      • Jan 2003
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      #3 Link to Norm's Shim supports. A permanant fix retaining the origional shims (only applies to the BT3000)
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      • leehljp
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        • Dec 2002
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        Welcome Jhudge! With you being a BT3000 user, it is probably safe to say that you have been woodworking for at least a little while. Join in the fun here and be sure to post some picts of your work. Your contributions and questions are welcome!
        Hank Lee

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        • Ken Weaver
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          • Feb 2004
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          Welcome aboard Jhudge!!
          Ken Weaver
          Clemson, SC

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          • crokett
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            • Jan 2003
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            • Mebane, NC, USA.
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            jhudge, I sent you an email about the process. I just finished it myself.

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            • bmyers
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              • Jun 2003
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              • Fishkill, NY
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              I have one of these I can sell you cheaper if you want it..
              1 ea guide holder #0181010110 (BT3100)

              I'm parting out a BT3100. Email me.


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              • norrodb
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                • Dec 2002
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                • Crafton, PA, USA.

                I have the Shim upgrade package listed on EBAY if anyone is interested.


                Brent in Pittsburgh