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    It's time for Me to speak! I have a BT3xxxx and have had to do nothing but use it! I bought Mine about 10 years ago, or 12. I totally love Mine. I am a hobbiest, but have put it through it's paces. I added 3,000 Sq ft to Our house. In fact, My Daughter owns it, and We live here as well. I have been doing My woodwork. and also have been cutting it and shaping the wood Myself. I have a Ryobi router, which is ok, and they both get lots of use. I will check My shims, again, aand I will lube the saw again. Mine works so well, that I tend to forget the maintence. I brag about it to many folks on the net, and in person. It's just that good to Me. I am so glad that I have one, and I think about trying to figure out if I would like it. I did not have a computer then, so I could nly talk to a few folks that had one. I would have never known how much I would have liked it if I got cold feet. I am saying it just as I feel it. I guess that I am luc ky that I found out. I am watching for a extra one, if one comes My way. Who knows, I may need a part some time! I am also 67 years old, and disabled, so I will never be with out the saw, if I can help it!
    I have Hope, and I am Thankfull! Consider WhoWhoGreated it ALL


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      Originally posted by oohhmm View Post
      I have 2 BT3000's. The first I bought new in 93. It's produced a lot of work for me with no trouble at all , not even shim problems. I work mostly with Cherry and very dense exotics.

      At times I wish I had more power, but I've found a quality thin kerf blade ( I have a Freud and a Tenryu ) will get me thru 8/4 cherry with minimal slow down.

      At times I wish I had CI, just for all the little magnetic goodies out there. But stability has never been an issue and there are plenty of alternate goodies for things like setup and alignment.

      At times I used to get a bit frustrated with my SMT, but since I added the miter slot accessory I can use a traditional miter and jigs if the SMT isn't the right tool for the job.

      One day I decided to buy a contractor's saw for a remodel and addition I was doing at the back of my property (a separate structure about 100 yards from my workshop) as the amount of lugging lumber back and forth combined seemed ridiculous and my BT is NOT portable the way it's set up.

      I decided on a cheapie Ryobi from HD - $159. I took a look at CL to save some $ and when I typed in Ryobi, my 2nd BT was there. New in the box for $150, it was a no brainer. This saw will continue to be my "contractor saw" and it does just fine for my needs in this capacity, and I'm sure will last me the rest of my life.

      Tomorrow, if things go well and it checks out, I'll pick up my 3rd BT300, again from CL for $150. Why? I have the room to store it and someday I may need it for spare parts, or possibly a complete replacement for my workshop saw. I really love the saw and can't envision ever replacing it with some other make....

      Oh, I almost forgot, as for the right tilt, I've never heard a BT3 user complain (nor have I) about this. I think it might be that our minds are able to comprehend things from all different perspectives thereby having fewer limitations.... Come to think of it, maybe that's why we chose this saw in the first place?
      oohhmm sent me this picture of one of his BT3000 saws:
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