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Ryobi Table Saw Switches (some Craftsman)

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  • Ryobi Table Saw Switches (some Craftsman)

    The BT3100-1 utilized a switch with a removable yellow key. This model experienced problems with saws in the 2005-2006 date code range. The switch contacts were inadequately plated and the release spring had insufficient "power" to break the connection when the contacts arc welded due to increased heat from the inadequate plating. The switch can be replaced at no charge by calling 800-944-9577 or emailing and leaving me a message with your Model number, serial number, Fed Ex address and a phone number.
    The BT3100 was different in that it had a rocker switch behind a black swinging door that could be padlocked. No problems have ever been reported for a BT3100 switch.
    Craftsman model 21829 uses a similar switch which could experience the same problem. Ryobi models BTS15 and BTS20 also used a smaller ver of this switch and are also prone to contact arc welding. These models are also under extended warranty for the switch.

    Wayne Hill
    Director Product Safety
    Techtronic INdustries North America, Inc.
    Anderson, South Carolina