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  • Newbie with a problem

    Hi Everybody! My name is Denny, and I have a problem.
    I just inherited a Sears 21829 from an friend. Unfortunately, the entire saw was removed from the box, but the saw was never assembled. The pieces are all strewn throughout her basement . She was a hoarder of tools, and separating out the pieces I need is a problem. I'm hoping for pictures so as to be able to recognize what I need in the mess.
    I've searched for pictures as to what is included in the box, but I couldn't locate them. I've got the SMT, the front and back rail, the miter gauge, the rip fence, and the splitter guard.
    I'm hoping that someone here has pictures of the rest of the pieces, especially 0f the bolts and clamping pieces needed to assemble this.
    If you can point me to a link, it would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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    maybe this owners manual will help:
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      The Manual will certainly help. Congrats on the saw, I have a 21829 and I really love it.

      Rub some waxpaper on the front and back rail slots where they attach to the table. It'll make it a whole lot easier to get the rails into position. I set up two 21829's when I first got mine. There was a problem with either my SMT or accessory table on the first saw. Sears had me bring the first one back and then they gave me another box to put togeather. Sure did go quicker the second time.

      Watch out when folding up the saw. If you have the rails too far left they'll hit the floor.


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        Thanks, guys! I hadn't realized how simply the components connected. I thought I had to find bags of bolts and connectors. I hadn't realized that the connectors were already installed on the saw.
        The help is really appreciated.

        It looks like all I really need to find is the accessory table.


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          I finally found the accessory table a few minutes ago. It was on the other side of the basement buried under some boxes.
          I'll try assembling it tomorrow.
          Wish me luck.