BT3100-1 Switch Replacement - No Charge

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  • BT3100-1 Switch Replacement - No Charge

    A number of BT3100.1 saws made during late 2004 and first half of 2005 have switches which may stick in the ON position. The contacts are welding closed. The switch can be immediately rejuvenated by changing the leads to the second terminals revealed by removing the switch module from the cabinet. (four screws). Then send me a message to receive a free replacement switch with improved spring release pressure and improved plating on the switch contacts.

    Because the switch will not "make" both sets of contacts at exactly the same time, there is no significant value to a jumper which would utilize dual contact sets.

    Saw switches are high amp load, seeing close to forty amps at start up. It is not a good idea to wire a household lighting switch into a saw circuit.

    Wayne Hill
    Techtronic Industries North America, Inc.
    Anderson, South Carolina

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    welcome Wayne, if no one has said this yet
    It's Like I've always said, it's amazing what an agnostic can't do if he dosent know whether he believes in anything or not

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    Dan in Harrisburg, NC


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      WELCOME! And thanks for the upgraded switch offer.

      Regards, Steve


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        BT3100 - Excellent Service

        I followed up the offer of replacement switches (see thread and received the replacement within two days. Excellent service, indeed.

        I took the opportunity to ask about Ryobi's plans, if any, for revival of the BT3100. Here is the exchange:

        Question: Is Ryobi ever going to revive the BT3100? It is such a high quality product that I think an important market is being lost.

        Answer: While I have no definite info, I do know that the BT3 was discontinued because HD felt we had saturated the market.
        The next version of the BT3 is still at Sears as model 315.218290. While nothing is in the works now, I would not be surprised to see the design back at HD, eventually.


        Regards, Steve


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          Replacement switch for BT3100

          Just received my FREE BT3100 replacement switch. Thank you, excellent service. Thanks to Wayne and company.



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            Originally posted by gymec View Post
            Just received my FREE BT3100 replacement switch. Thank you, excellent service. Thanks to Wayne and company.

            Thanks for bringing this back to the surface. I'd called customer service a few times on my late '95 BT3000, they offered a switch replacement at a service center (nearest 60 miles), but i couldn't get them to mail one. I e-mailed Wayne at 10 pm cdt last night, had a reply 20 minutes later that he'd have one sent!!

            Thank you Wayne Hill--that's service beyond the call!!


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              Welcome to the forum Wayne, With the current unloading of Ryobi tools at certain Home Depots are they dropping your line of fine tools or are there just new tools in the wings meant to replace these older tools. Also will you be replacing the AP1301 with a newer model with a locking head like the original AP1300. I have 1 of the older OSS500 Spindle sanders that is actually a pretty good unit tho copied by many other companys, any chance for its reintroduction or something similiar into the market. Any info would be greatly appreciated by all here I'm sure,Tommy


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                Originally posted by gymec View Post
                Just received my FREE BT3100 replacement switch. Thank you, excellent service. Thanks to Wayne and company.

                Ditto and kudos to Wayne Hill for his quick response to my identical problem. Can't ask for better service.
                I'm also...


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                  I e-mailed Wayne late Wednesday night, switch was on my porch when i came home for lunch Friday. Installed this morning--incredible difference. Outstanding service--i felt like their most important customer even though i bought my BT3000 years ago.

                  That's the way it ought to be done, but rarely is today.

                  Earl McLain


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                    Just received my replacement switch via Fedex. Amazing service.

                    Thanks Wayne...your commitment to customer service at Ryobi is truly appreciated.



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                      The day after I emailed Wayne I got a return email asking for my serial number. I've been in bed sick for the last few days, so couldn't go out and get the serial #.

                      This morning Wayne called me about the switch, and with my description we determined I had the switch that doesn't go bad. So, that call saved me a trip out to the shop while feeling crappy, and he said to call him if I ever have concerns about my switch or any other part of the saw.

                      Thanks, Wayne! I appreciate that you went the extra mile and called me.


                      "Be excellent to each other."
                      Bill & Ted


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                        Sorry to dig up an old post, but my switch failed today. I e-mailed Wayne, so I hope I can get a replacement switch.

                        In the meantime, is there anything wrong with running the saw with the switch wired on the opposite terminals? I did switch them and it appears to work fine. Why are there two sets, anyway?


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                          other set of terminals (a second pole in the parlance) is fine to use.
                          Don't knw why they used a 2-pole switch when one-pole would have sufficed. Maybe they were a higher production switch and thus cheaper. Or, they bought them to have a common switch for the 220V version which they once produced, which might use 2 poles in some designs.
                          Loring in Katy, TX USA
                          If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
                          BT3 FAQ -


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                            No idea if they are still replacing these, but my switch failed recently. The saw is always ON now, and the switch doesn't "click" when toggling. I emailed Wayne, so I guess we will see.


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                              If you can't get the one for the BT3X00 at NC, the one for the Sears Version will probably work. Just a thought.