Tailhook vs Skyhook

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  • steve-norrell
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    • Apr 2006
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    Tailhook vs Skyhook

    The tailhook I ordered came yesterday and I got it installed today. I had been looking for a way to prevent the SharkGuard from slipping off its mount when lifting and/or when cutting a thick piece of wood. My DC hose does not come directly from the top and exerts enough of a pull toward the rear (like a skyhook positioned slightly to the rear of the TS) so that the Guard could lift off its mount under some conditions.

    I had been fiddling with any number of rubberbands and springs but this does all I wanted to do. Its especially helpful when the SharkGuard has a DC hose attached in anyway other than directly from above. It really is an important improvement in the safety features of the SharkGuard.

    Besides working well and as advertised, its easy to install, requiring only the drilling of one 3/16 hole in the tailhook.

    Check it out at http://www.leestyron.com/tailhook.php. Then order one.

    Regards, SN
  • Stytooner
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    Thanks, Steve.
    It surprises me that it took me so long to come up with something suitable. It does indeed make a difference in the safety in certain situations. I was initially stuck on trying things with the front slots. It wasn't until recently that I even considered the rear slots. I have heard of relatively few instances of the shark coming off when not wanted, but that was finally enough to warrant a fix. The most recent ideas I had emailed to me considered reshaping the rear slot. Shortly thereafter, it clicked. It was you guys that kept me thinking about it, so once again, you guys have helped it evolve.
    Amazing what a simple little part can do.

    Thanks again to all and my apologies for not thinking of it sooner.