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    Seen online. If you are looking to upgrade your shop vac with a small cyclone. Mount this to a 5 gal bucket top to keep your vac filter much cleaner. Easier to empty, too. rtualModelMatting%2F2836d09e6e8112f408afa7a6c0e007 45.jpg&spec_gallery_id=7558017&enable_cache=1&_oak _adg_ctx=a-205221c3&_x_vst_scene=adg&_x_ads_creative_id=23853 334224870006&_x_ns_product_id=17592190415459&_x_ad s_sub_channel=shopping&_x_ns_placement=Facebook_De sktop_Feed&_x_ns_catalog_id=769325424179004&_x_ads _set=23853052164450006&_x_ads_id=23853334223620006 &_x_ns_site_id=100&_x_ns_gid=601099512377255&_x _ad s_channel=facebook&_x_ns_source=fb&_x_from=fb_dpa& refer_page_name=un3&refer_page_id=10216_1674901273 053_k08vpu2x7x&refer_page_sn=10216&_x_sessn_id=n98 bfnx8w2

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    Looks like it would fit pretty easily to 2.25" OD vacuum hoses.

    I've had good service from this outfit, with really cheap prices.
    Currently $17.99 with free shipping.
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