Incredible miter saw deal at Walmart

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  • Incredible miter saw deal at Walmart

    Not sure that I am really in the market for a new miter saw(s), but the price on it is amazing. Anyone have any recommendations? Think it would really reach 4500 RPM?

    SUNCOO Compound Miter Saw, Tacklife 12-inch Sliding Miter Saw, Dual Speed (4500 Rpm And 3200 Rpm), 15 Amp Motor, Miter (0-45), 372 Blades

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    Strangest looking miter saw I've ever seen, but hey, it comes with 372 blades! And my Ryobi 10" CMS does 5,500 blade rpm. Welcome to the forums.
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      Miter saw Looks like this and is 60 bucks. and has 372 blades.
      Not sure I believe everything I am reading and seeing.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	8c1dfd19-54ce-4b34-8608-868760716827_1.8324b1648ef65bc26034831d21fb7c25.jpeg?odnBg=ffffff&odnHeight=612&odnWidth=612.jpg Views:	13 Size:	29.7 KB ID:	848257

      This SNCOO 12" compound miter saw is lightweight and easy to transport. The 15 amp motor produces a no-load speed of up to 4500 RPM, allowing easy cross and miter cutting. This miter saw provides 0-45 degrees to the left. Cut range to provide clean and accurate bevel cuts. It is specially designed for woodworkers who need accuracy, reliability and versatility. Power requirements: AC single-phase 50 Hz, 210 V

      Voltage/frequency: 230V/ 50Hz
      Rated input power: 2000W
      No-load speed: 3200-4500rpm
      Blade: 255* 48T
      Miter capacity: left 45/ -45 right
      Crosscut 90: about 340x 90 mm/13.39x3.54inch
      The bevel angle is 45L/R: about 240 x 90 mm/9.45x3.54inch
      Miter 45/ miter 45: about 240 x 45 mm/9.45x17.72inch
      With infrared: yes

      Packing List:
      1 x Dustproof Bag
      1 Pair of Carton Brushes
      1 x Clamp
      370 Pair of Extended Aluminum Wings

      Interestingly, the packing list does mention including any saw. I wonder what that means?
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        I googled SUNCOO SC 12” miter saw. It is a saw, but shows unavailable so there is no price. With questionable technical support and parts you are better off with a HF saw.

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      For the last couple years, we have done much of our grocery shopping online through Walmart. We drive to the nearby Walmart store where the order is brought out to the car at the parking lot.

      The Walmart online experience through their website has degraded significantly during the past two years. I can give you a long list of issues and changes that were made to their website, none for the better. The one that bothers us the most happened around Summer 2021. Walmart started displaying listings from third parties, intermixed with their own products for sale. Most of those third-parties are profiteers who list ordinary non-perishable grocery items at outrageously high prices, hoping to catch unsuspecting shoppers when the regular on-shelf item goes temporarily out of stock.

      Example: French's Classic Yellow Mustard, 8 oz sells for $1.48. Someone has a listing for the same product with 3+ day shipping for $10.24. Those listings are all mixed together.

      (Yes, you can limit the search to pickup only, but you must scroll to the top and choose Pickup Only from a pulldown menu. That option works only after each individual search completes. There is no option to set all searches in this session to pickup only. If you have a grocery shopping list with many items to buy, it can be a pain to use.)

      This listing for a "SUNCOO Compound Miter Saw, Tacklife 12-inch Sliding Miter Saw, ..., 372 Blades" shows a photo of a baker's rack. It is "Sold and shipped by FACTORYSALE | putianjiajuyishengmaoyiyouxiangongsi" If nothing else, the seller's long string of many Chinese names is enough to discourage me from buying.

      I can think of a lot of explanations for why you see a baker's rack instead of a miter saw. I won't speculate here. It is obvious to me that you won't get a miter saw if you buy this item.

      Hopefully Walmart will take enough unrecoverable losses through refunds to irate customers that they will fix the issues.

      -> What is clear to me is that scammers are exploiting Walmart's third-party listings to defraud customers. Caveat emptor.


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        I agree with Duramen. I think the same thing is happening at Amazon. They accept "partners" who place a page for their products alongside Amazon's offerings, except that in the end you get stuff not from the worlds largest retailer but some guy with a rented storage unit.

        I guess its easy money for Walmart and Amazon. The seller has low overhead so he can sell dirt cheap or really high. Dirt cheap yo go for volume, high you go for that one mark who can give you the profit of 200 dirt cheap sales if you get one sucker.

        But in the end it just dilutes Walmart and Amazon's power. when you feel like you've just bought from some guy working out of a storage unit.

        Loring in Katy, TX USA
        If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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          I think it is time to stop complaining about Amazon and start; appreciating the humor of this "miter" saw ad. I have to admit, I was expecting some zanyt ideas about how to get this up to speed or how to make it cut wood, etc. Dang it, why is everyone on here so depressed?


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            I giggled, shook my head, and moved on. Glad it wasn't me that screwed that up.
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