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  • Anyone use Avanti Pro blades

    In our Home Depot add in the newspaper I see Avant Pro 10” 60 tooth fine finish 2 pack for $19.97. Anyone on this site use these blades? At this price they are only $.97 more than the cost to have my other blades re-sharpened, plus shipping.

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    I have an Avanti Pro 12" ATB 80T negative hook angle blade on my miter saw. I think the packaging for them has a graphic that puts the Avanti Pro line above Avanti, and below Diablo in terms of performance/quality. $30 bucks for two blades...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Avanti Pro blades.JPG Views:	0 Size:	53.2 KB ID:	846113

    I was complaining about tear out here

    Got the pair of them fairly cheap.(two pack)

    I am going to have to do some blade swapping to see if the blade is the cause.

    The corresponding Diablo blade is for $55, almost four times as much per blade.

    I think Diablo and Avanti are related to Freud blades...
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      The Diablo blade has a Perma Shield non stick coating, and is a no-no for SawStop saws.


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        Whether you like the Avant Pro blade or not, today when I was in HD the display in the center of the aisle was empty of blades and the regular blade location had 6 packs. 1 left after I bought 5 ( good Christmas presents). I asked the tool dept mgr. if they had any blades hid back on stock and he said these just showed up on the Christmas merchandise truck and doubted that they would recieve any more from his experience. Obviously others use these blades


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          I tried one of their circ saw blades and it gave me a LOT of tear out. No issues with the Diablo blades. I'm sticking with Diablo....
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