220V Shop Heater on HD daily deal

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  • geopilot
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    220V Shop Heater on HD daily deal

    HD has a 220V 30A electric shop heater on their daily deal (today only) for $230. Seems like a quality unit and gets good reviews. Made in USA and 5-year warranty. I have not shopped these, so can't comment on the price.
  • capncarl
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    • SawStop CTS

    What they doing selling made in USA stuff? Trying to ruin China's economy?
    5000 watt would equate to about 15,000 btu heat. Given the cost of the unit over the cost involved with propane it might be a good solution for heating a small shop. I don't know if I wouldn't go ahead and get of the 110v oil filled radiator type heaters to leave on while I wasn't in the shop to keep the heat from plunging too low and just use this while I was in the shop.