Houston, TX - Ryobi Scroll Saw $60 - HD (extremely YMMV)

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    Houston, TX - Ryobi Scroll Saw $60 - HD (extremely YMMV)

    A very, very YMMV narrow deal for (a) fellow Houstonian(s). Home Depot has their Ryobi Scroll Saw on clearance for $60.

    The vast majority of stores won't have any in stock (though I did see a couple in stock at other stores a few weeks back but they were at regular price). I've checked out a few. I can say that as of yesterday there is a display model still available at the Gulfgate Home Depot. It's $60. It has been there for a few weeks. The last time I asked about it (a few weeks back), it was suggested that I could request 10% off that price and even pick out a set of saw blades off the shelf for free (since the display model didn't have any). You'd likely need to ask a supervisor or manager for that.

    A few weeks back I purchased a new in-box Ryobi scroll saw at the Chimney Rock location that was at the clearance price. It was the flourescent green model. On the ground behind that, they had the old blue/yellow model. I don't know if it's still there. The top of the box was open. I'm not sure if someone just opened it to look inside or if it was an old display model that was repacked from awhile back or what. It's likely $60 as well....if it's still there.

    Anyway, obviously an extremely narrow deal and no guarantees. Just figured maybe someone here might shop there a lot and might want one or pick one up as a present.


    Model # SC165VS
    Internet # 205419917
    Store SKU # 490654