Salvaged Antique Lumber if anyone is interested

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  • Salvaged Antique Lumber if anyone is interested

    A sawmill (Hill Country Works) is going out of business in Burnet, Texas. I am not associated with them but I purchased sets of used Forstner Bits and Router bits at a great price. All of the machinery is 3 phase so I guess only businesses would be interested. They specialize in salvaged antique lumber and have a tremendous amount of sawmill cut lumber that would probably be an interest to anyone with the ability to cut and plane the lumber and the person I talked to was very negotiable. Contact: Lee Westphal @ 512 756-6950. Their website is and they describe their lumber there.

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    3 phase equipment can be used by an individual, just need a 220v circuit and get a variable frequency drive. I just restored a vintage 8" jointer w/3 phase motor. The VFD was about $150, lot cheaper than a new motor.

    I may be going thru Burnet next week and if so, will stop and poke around.

    Thanks for the info.


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      Thanks for the heads up. The fellow who crafted our beautiful mesquite mantel might be interested. He's up Lometa way and BIL in Lampasas is a tree dude and might have some contacts. I'll pass the word.


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        Ken, I am interested in the information about the 3 phase conversion. I also have a nice planer tha is 3 phase. Can you give more information of where can I get hold of the VFD?


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          Here's some info

          Many quality used industrial machines are available at attractive prices that have 3 phase electric motors. Most residential homes do not have access to 3 phase electric power at a reasonable price. If the home shop builder decides to use these machines they must either replace the 3 phase motors with single phase motors or …


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            Go to and click on 'AC Drives' under products. HP of your motor will determine which model you need. Mine was 1 1/2HP and the FM50 that I got will handle up to 2HP.

            If it's an old planer(not sure of their definition of 'old'), check if you will be doing any restoration work.



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              Thanks for the information, the motor is 3hp. I will check the resources you provided, thanks again.