Kindness and Empathy

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    Kindness and Empathy

    My day job is dispatching truck drivers for a small company that deals with ocean cargo container import and export. In a trucking career I have spent half the time driving and the other half in dispatch. I have this one employee that reminded me how important empathy and kindness is today. He has been dealing with end of life issues with his girlfriend. She was having some terminal issues, the nature of which I do not really know. I'm not the type that asks about such things. Anyway, today I needed him to do three regional runs, loading one container, then deliver two. On his second mission he seemed to be taking an extra long time. I called the third customer and between us we decided that he would have arrived too late.

    When this driver got back to my yard after the second mission I told him that he didn't need to worry about the third mission since it was so late. To which he replied "good because girlfriend passed away!" At that moment I was reminded that we often make judgements about others without any idea what they are going through at the time. I can only imagine the emotional pain and sense of loss he is feeling now.

    What a way to be reminded on Good Friday the importance of kindness and empathy.
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    It's a good reminder you have given to withhold judgment and inquire first. We often don't know what people are dealing with.