Tin foil hats have gotten more fashionable.

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  • dbhost
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    Tin foil hats have gotten more fashionable.

    So I have been doing some online searches for beanies with bluetooth headsets built in. Apparently that triggered some algorithm on Facebook to start throwing me ads for beanies, all sorts of beanies, including EMF / RF blocking beanies!


    So it is now official, you no longer need to make your own hat out of tin foil to keep the CIA from sending you messages from those spy satelites. (Yes someone told me that is why they were wearing a tin foil hat ones, why on earth did I ask?)

    I guess it is only a matter of time before someone develops and brings to market a tin foil, pyramid power, crystal infused hat...

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  • twistsol
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    Do these hats block the gubmints mind control rays as well as genuine tin foil? Asking for a friend.
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    • cwsmith
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      What can I say... the forum rule warns us against political remarks.

      Perhaps the new beanies are more designed to shield our brains from the RF of hand-held radios and cell phones.

      I was just at my local grocery center earlier this afternoon and after letting my wife off at the entrance I parked about twenty yards away. As I got out of the car, I'm hearing all this rather loud talking. I look around to see who is yelling at who and there's this younger women talking on her cell. My hearing is lousey any more, but I can hear almost ever word she is saying and she's holding her phone at arm's length in front of her. I proceed into the store and she walked across the front to North entranc of the parking lot and I could still hear her after she rounded the corner and dissappeared.

      I was telling my wife as we finished our shopping and left the store. She remarked that she was probably trying to avoid burning her brain. (So funny that I'm reading your post now.)

      As we left and got down a block or two, there was that woman, and in traffic with the windows rolled up, we could both hear her. Perhaps I should recommend one of those "beanies" if I run into her again.
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      • LCHIEN
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        People like that don't need phones. Everyone for 100 miles around can hear her just tine.

      • capncarl
        capncarl commented
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        2 possibilities, she has already burned her brain or possibly she doesn’t want to catch the Covid from whomever she is talking at!