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    Last month, I removed 11 cu.yds. of mulch from around our home and installed some 230 ft. of plastic edging around the planting beds. Last week a landscaping company installed the weed barrier and 8.5 tons of decorative stone where the mulch used to be. No more sun bleached crap blowing all over the porch, sidewalk, and patio, along with the birds throwing it all over looking for grubs.
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    I went the opposite direction and added 2 yards of mulch around the house in the past two weekends to refresh the faded mulch and replace what the neighbors' chickens scratched out into the lawn. You are clearly far wiser than am I.
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      We've lived here since 2016 and every two years have had to "refresh" the mulch. Constantly having to cleanup finally broke this camels back.

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    17,000 ponds of shrapnel. Good thing you don't have hurricanes and tornadoes in Ohio too often.
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      Well, hope springs eternal. The river rock is supposed to be good up to 140 mph. That's into the EF3 range. About a third of the homes on my street have gone to decorative stone mulch replacements, so if we get hit there's gonna be a lot of carnage in the area beyond the stone spray.