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    I've been mostly MIA for a while. I've had a few posts here and there but not many. Lots of reasons but here are some highlights but..."Just the facts".

    The Bad...

    Had a mild heart attack and lost my brother the next morning. Almost lost Kitten to covid. Son lost a 2 year battle with CPS and lost his kids. The foster parents plan to adopt and want him to stay in their lives.

    The Good...

    Kitten and I survived it all and decided to try something different. We bought an old (1992) Class A motorhome to see if we liked it. Or, the way she puts it, to see if we could spend time together in something that small without killing each other. We loved it and it got me back in the shop doing repairs and some custom woodworking projects. I posted a couple of them in to 'Finished Projects'. We loved the RV and even thought about selling out, buying a bigger coach and living full time on the road. In the end we decided against that.

    The Ugly...

    Let me tell you, that old RV was UGLY! The interior was great and the original, 30-year-old ophiolatry looked almost new. The outside was a different story. It showed its age. Faded paint, graphic decals cracked and peeling, roof membrane worn out and full of patches, long crack in the passenger side windshield.

    The house is paid for and there is just too much we didn't want to give up. Kitten has her sewing and multiple crafts, and I didn't want to give up my shop. We've been in this house 32 years so there are lots of memories plus it's the only permanent home she has ever known. The youngest moved in last month and is taking over most of the yard work and the heavy housework that I can't do. He wants to learn woodworking so he will be helping me in the shop. Right now we (mostly he) are going room to room, tearing out the carpet, repainting, installing laminate flooring and replacing al the trim and baseboards. It's strange having my kid take the lead and me assisting.

    We did upgrade the RV. Last October we bought a 2019 Thor A.C.E. 30' motorhome. The odometer rolled 16,000 miles on my way home with it. It did come with a new list of projects like shelves, a spice rack, foot stools in addition to some repair work that is normal on any RV. We are staying home this month and I have 21/2 more weeks to get caught up or see what she adds to the list.
    Don, aka Pappy,

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    Glad to see you're still around Pappy. Nice to see that "The Bad" list is much shorter than "The Good" list.

    I transitioned to the giving advice and suggestions role with two of my daughters and their husbands. The third still has a way to go, but did manage to get laminate installed in a couple of rooms of their house on his own with a little coaching.

    Stay healthy
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      Sorry to hear about the bad list, particularly losing your brother.

      Glad to see the list of good. BTW, I have looked at a Thor A.C.E. however I tend to camp where roads don't exist, so I for now, I am doing it in a truck bed / camper shell, will try to upgrade to a lightweight pop up camper down the road a bit...

      When sh*t hits the fan, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't, but don't underestimate the therapuetic value of that workshop...
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        Glad to see you around again. Hopefully for many more years.


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          Pappy, resist the urges to fill up the new motorhome with cabinets, shelves and storage compartments that can weigh down the motorhome. The motorhome dream is to get away from hauling all the clutter that we collect in our homes and want a motorhome to get away from it. All the years we owned a houseboat I tried to figure out how to incorporate some of my wood shop tools into the boat so when we were tied out on the river I could be working on something. That didn’t work. When you own a RV you will always have something to work on without having to worry about hobbies….because the RVis now your only hobby! Before we became houseboaters we hand an old Champion motor home. The best advice someone gave us was to tear out the dinette seat and install a large tool box, great advice because I needed my mechanic’s tools every journey wee took!


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            Sorry to hear about your loss. Looking forward to many more years of your contributions here.

            Take care.


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              Thanks for all the comments.

              Carl, I'm not adding much weight. One shelf is a replacement for an existing one that I felt was too narrow. One is just cut from 1/2" ply and the under sink half shelf will be a frame on 1/4"ply. I'm also removing the 1/2" MDF dinette seat top and replacing them with 1/2"ply. The plywood will be attached at the back and wall end. It will be cut about 4 1/2" wide and hinged so I can get to the storage area by just removing the cushions. Replacing just that MDF with ply should compensate for the new shelves. Every item is built with weight in mind.
              Don, aka Pappy,

              Wise men talk because they have something to say,
              Fools because they have to say something.


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                Very sorry to hear of your all too many losses. Terrible events, and I offer my sincerest condolences. Hopefully this year will be so much better for you and your wife and family.

                Think it Through Before You Do!


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                  Well, Pappy sometimes just being here is still an achievement and cause for celebration.

                  Anyway glad to hear from you!

                  Good luck in your projects.

                  Loring in Katy, TX USA
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