Under the weather, and I have things to do...

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  • dbhost
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    Since she passed I have had COVID, Shingles, and now Diverticulitis... I know my immune system is taking a good beating due to stress, but boy I could use to catch a break!

  • cwsmith
    I've been there with the diverticulitis, so I know a little about the pain and discomfort, I hope that you get through it quickly. It couldn't happen at a worst time in your life, so I'll say a prayer for your quick recovery. Get well real soon and know that we're all thinking of you.,


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  • dbhost
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    I've got help, but yes it is an enormous amount of work. I am feeling a bit better today, but mostly just loafing since I have the day off...Honestly feeling mostly better, but following Dr. orders. Hard to do since I am at home alone... So I am fudging a bit. Liquid or soft non fiberous food diet is hard to order in from delivery.

  • cwsmith
    Your list is long nough for a having a steady work crew at your side! But remember, IF you don't take care of yourself first, that list issn't likely to shrink very much!

    Make your health the very first priority, please,


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  • dbhost
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    The urgent care doc put me on some antibiotics with orders to see my primary care doc. My insuarance i snew to me so I don't know who is in network, and of course they don't have people I can ask on the weekend and I haven't set up the online stuff yet... The antibiotics seem to be helping though. They just want imaging and blood tests to be sure it isn't something mroe serious... The worst part is, I saw the video on how to do the table adjustment for my jointer, and it doesn't look that hard, I just don't have enough oomph to want to do it right now...

  • Jim Frye
    I recall the old saying "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired". Hang in there.

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  • dbhost
    started a topic Under the weather, and I have things to do...

    Under the weather, and I have things to do...

    Honestly I SHOULD be writing this from bed... ended up sick, Dr. suspects diverticulitis but can't be sure until I get some imaging results back. So antibiotics and he wants me flat on my back... Bleh...

    The new jointer is in the shop screaming at me "Finish setting me up!". The tables aren't quite right / parallel / coplanar, but I have the adjustment instructions at the ready...

    That thing is going to scream at me until I can get out there and do it, but I am geniunely not feeling up to it...


    I have however gone into the shop with a trash bag and hauled out the packing materials from the sharpening system and jointer. I am keeping the cardboard so I have materials for CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) for the truck camper. More on that in a minute...

    Tools are ending up back where they belong for once, but to clean up space for things like my cordless, I need to offload the non folding roller stands. Considering taking the rollers, tubes, friction locks etc... and getting together with a friend that has a bunch of scrap metal, a welder and since he is a good friend of mine probably mental issues, and convert these to either folding rollers, or scrap metal, either will work.

    Looking to offload my Northern Industrial 13" 16 speed floor model drill press. No Northern Tool no longer sells this one, but for all intents and purposes, it is the same drill press with some color changes as the Central Machinery version except with the older style switch. https://www.harborfreight.com/power-...ess-38144.html

    On to the truck issues. My mechanic flaked on me, bad. We are retrieving it, and the parts I already paid for, and hauling it to a friends place that has large carport with a concrete slab and no HOA. It will cost me beer and a few steaks to throw in his grill, but we are going to do the engine swap / and end to end inspection / redo of this truck ourselves. I farmed it out to a mechanic to get it done quickly, and he sat with his thumb up his backside. So we are going to do the not woodworking at his place, and then haul the woodworking to mine...

    Not woordworking is going to be.
    -Engine swap.
    -High Output alternator upgrade. (220 amp alternator)
    -Inspection / repair of 4wd IWE and hub system if needed. Repack bearings.
    -Since we will have it apart, swap the open diffs with 3.53 gears to Detroit TrueTrac limited slip diffs with 4.11 gears (already verified that is the ratio I want with the 33" tires...).
    -Repair the tension cable ends for both suicide doors so I can get into the back of the cab.
    -Route wiring from starter batter with an isolator switch to an anderson connector at the meeting of the cab & bed. This is for the DC to DC charging circuit in the camper
    -Route signal wire from keyed circuit to same spot as the anderson connector to connect to signal port on DC to DC charger. If engine is not running it will automatically switch over to solar charging.
    -Re-seal trans input and output seals, replace vent lines, replace trans cooler lines. I want no nasty surprises.
    -Reseal transfer case.
    -Replace factory stereo head unit (CD player was dying anyway) with Android Auto head unit with 10" touchscreen and inputs for reverse camera.
    -Replace tailgate handle with hande that integrates reverse camera in the bezel. (I believe this was a factory Lincoln Mark LT part).
    -Run a single 12V socket to pick up power in the truck bed, and have the socket in the back seat of the cab. This is to power the 12V fridge.
    -De-chrome and raptor line the rear bumper as the OE chrome front bumper is now an aftermarket off road bumper with a bedliner finish.
    -Install Bedrug bedliner.
    -Install LED tail light assemblies. The factory units are leaking and blowing bulbs, so upgrade time...
    -Replace all brake lines, calipers, and pads flush and bleed the system.
    -Verify all is good and ready and safe.
    -Get tires changed out for my BFG All Terrain TA 33x12.50/17s.
    -State inspection, new tags.

    THEN it comes back home to my shop...
    -Make templates of truck bed sidewall profile integrate into redesign of electrical cabinet and bed platform.
    -Orphan the idea of using the 6" memory foam mattress as a seating surface for workiing from when stuck in the camper due to rain. I have a 2" memory foam chair cushion that is pelnty comfy and will keep my dome out o the ceiling.
    -Redesign of electrical cabinet will include bottom compartment, this will literally be a place to slide / stow the port o potty especially when not able to set up ensuite tent. Middle compartment will house the batteries, and the charge controller, inverter, and outlets will be mounted to the outside of this, and the upper compartment will likely be a small open shelf to stown things like sweatpants, socks, and shirts
    -Redesign of bed platform. Do so by using different size test stools. 3/4 plywood and 2x4. I am going to fiddle around until I get the max height that I can use without my head in the camper shell while seated. That will be the height of hte bed platform. Given that data, will use 1/2" ply for the decking, and 3/4 with some 2x2 reinforcements for the structure. IF I have enough height, I am going to design it to carry at least 3 7 gallon AquaTainers so I have at least 21 gallons of fresh water and don't have to use the truck cab for that...
    -Make all the electrical connections.
    -Build a platform to hold the 12V fridge level in the back seat sideways just behind the passenger seat. Sorry any potential passengers are not going to be able to slide back much...

    On top of all of this work, I have to...

    Build a new flip top stand for the new jointer.
    Build a drill press cabinet for the new drill press.
    Redo the dust hood for the miter saw and rework the dust collection ducting to it.

    So you see, I have way to much to do, and not nearly enough me, or time to do it with.

    Thus I hate being sick...