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    Seem to be getting more and more of these. I was quite excited to find I won a portable Craftsman Generator from Ace Hardware. Because I am a rewards member.

    At least that's what they want. I always look at the return e-mail address and I know this one did not come from corporate Ace Hardware
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    The domain name is particularly odd.
    Not what a US corporation would be using.
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    Watch out! Be careful out there. Its a wild world and someone wants your money.
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    For the last few months I've received on average 4-5 of these a day. I've gotten them from "fake" Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, Ace, Lowes and Home Depot to name a few. I've "won" TV's, iPads, and numerous types of tools. Lucky me huh.
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      If even 10% of these were real, I wouldn't have the space to store all my winnings. I suppose I could have bought a bigger place with all my money laundering fees from Nigerian Princes and British Barristers over the years.
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        Yeah, our email gets these, but they have decreased since I started blocking the domain names on the server that hosts our email. The web based client allows you to block domains by using "*.domain" wild card in the blocked list. It doesn't get them all and of course new ones pop up, but it has reduced the number.
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          My mail app lets me click on the "showing" email address and see the real email addy behind it. And I have noticed an oddity - from which my illogical deduction says: some scam people sign up and log into a web organization that is reputable, and then use their new signup to send out spam/scam with a legitimate "" ending, and then use spoofing to cover it. That bugs me. I have finally convinced LOML that most email appearances aren't what they seem to be.
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