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  • Popeye

    Some of you old timers will remember Popeye. Patrick Clark passed away in June of this year after a long battle with cancer. I last chatted with him in Early June. He told me of battle. He served our nation as a Submariner. Was COB on some.After retiring from the Navy he became a truck driver. Once he retired from that he spent lots of time riding his motorcycles.

    He was a master woodworker and made amazing marble toys (towers). Some of which were posted in the archives here. Pat was very active in our chat back in the days of Thom2 and others. Sam still owned the site then.

    Thought some of you would like to know.

    Perhaps Stan still has access to some of Pat's project pics. I think at the time they were hosted on his server.
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    Sad to hear. Thanks to Popeye/Patrick for his service and for making This forum a great place.
    I guess one day our time will come.
    I wonder how you will hear of my passing. Neither my wife nor daughter nor son is really aware of this forum... they know I spend a lot of time on line on some sites but don't know the details. I guess I should leave in my will or instructions for my executor to post a note for me with passwords.

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      Sad to hear. The loss of another longtime woodworker gets me wondering if the art is replacing the departing folks. Every time I go into the local Woodcraft store, I seem to see only long in the tooth folks. A local cardiologist is fond of saying "Time waits for no one". Thanks Dr. Obvious. When I leave, I doubt anyone will be spreading the word. My offspring don't know of my woodworking outside of the family. SWMBO knows I have "internet friends", but doesn't know where I hang out. I'll just be thankful for the time I've had and relish each additional day I get. Yesterday, I cleaned the mower and prepped it for winter storage. It took me four hours to get the thing done. I've watched the local mower shops picking up some of my neighbor's machines for servicing and am glad I can still do this at 75.
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        Not sure why I didn't remember him by the user name, but once i saw his posts, his writing style was unmistakeable. And or course his avatar helped. I always wondered whatever happened to him. Sorry to see he has passed. #$*& cancer has taken more than its fair share...
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          I kept in contact with Pat on occasion. He was even planning a trip out this way with his motorhome and new Spyder.
          Unfortunately covid canceled that trip so even though we spent hundreds of hours in the old chat room - we never got the chance to meet up personally.
          Another casualty was the photo gallery server I was running. I'll have to look through my archives and see if I have some of Pat's pictures backed up.
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            i remember him in my very early days here on the forum, but don't recall seeing his post in quite some time. Perhaps I am mistaken by that as recent memory seem to escape me more that longer times ago. Hearing of any of the older members passing saddens me as these are the guys that I read so often in the days after my early retirement in 2003, the members that re-kindled my interest in the hobby.

            I wish his friends and family well,


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