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    When we lived in Central America, many workers and vendors didn't have cars/trucks to carry their tools/wares. However, they could afford a wheelbarrow. Some vendors built nice platforms on theirs. One worker was carting a big generator up a mountain road at the end of the day. Very impressive.

    Although mine is far from organized, I can quickly deploy all my tools from the garage to the shed project and back again at night. In a pinch it's also served as a sawhorse. I also can't imagine ever going back to a single wheeled model. The double wheel is so stable and I don't have to muscle it around to keep it from tipping over.

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    I traded the single wheel for four wheels. It's also towable with the riding mower. supports up to 1,200 pounds and holds 7 cu.ft., and dumps completely.
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      I almost bought one of those last year. I have a good 2 wheel (bicycle type wheels) and it works OK, but I sure like the 4 wheel, larger cart and dump ability.

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      I paid $189 for mine a couple of years ago. Was rather surprised to learn they are now $229 st HD. It must be a good design, I have several neighbors borrowing it from time to time.

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    I'm sorry to say, my wheelbarrow is an old, little friend, and has just one wheel, replaced once.
    The wheelbarrow is almost as old as I am, I know my dad bought it when I was one and we moved into our first house. I am now 70.
    He gave it to me when I got my first house in 1977, When I moved to my current house I had no room in the garage and stored it in the back behind the garage so its been outdoors since 1992, 30 years.
    The galvanized steel tray, plus the steel tubular frame brace and handles are all original but I did replace the wheel once.

    This picture is 5 years old... I did buy some replacement handlebar grips for it but I think they have split from UV exposure and maybe being too tight. Won't die or wear out, ever, I think.

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    This is not the first wheelbarrow/little friend thread!
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      And just for grins, here's how I store mine when it's not being used.
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      Jim Frye
      The Nut in the Cellar.
      ”Sawdust Is Man Glitter”