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    We buy salsa from a place in Texas and they take great pains to ship the product so the glass jars survive the shipping process. The jars are packed in a box with partitions separating the jars. That box is packed in a much larger doubled box with styrofoam peanuts surrounding the inner box on all sides. My struggle with this method is dealing with the peanuts while emptying them into a trash can for disposal. The darn things build up a static charge and cling to EVERYTHING in the vicinity and are real fiddle to gather up for disposal. They will stick to your hands like glue. So, are there any methods to kill the static charge so these little monsters can be easily dealt with?
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    Would a squirt of Static Cling help? or throwing a couple of used dryer softener sheets in the box before pouring them into the trash can; or wiping the inside of the trash can with those sheets before pouring them in.
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      Spray them with hairspray.
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        I used to have a antistatic gun I used to treat my LP records when playing them because sometimes after cleaning they built up a charge and this attracted dust in the air ant also could literally float the low mass tonearm off the record.
        I think it was made by Zerostat and had squeeze trigger to spray positive ions. I am almost sure it would work, I used to "spray" my clothes to reduce static with this thing.

        I just looked, they are still for sale at places like Amazon and eBay but kinda pricey around $90 and up.

        Wonder if just misting them with a water sprayer will work.
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