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    This afternoon we took our 13 year old Pit Bull Terrier to the vet for thet time. Bunny had been with us since she was 6 weeks old. She had cancer that was growing fast and a few days ago she started throwing up.
    last night I watched as her whole body convulsed in her sleep. She had lost 7 pounds in the last month despite the fact taht she was eating well. Se laid her head down as he sedative was administered, went to sleep and snored for a few minutes. As the fianal dose entered her she passed peacefully to cross the rainbow bridge where our beloved pets that went before her wait to welcome her home.

    As difficult.as the decision was to make, I know we made the right choice. Her pain and suffering are over now. Her collar, dishes, treats and left over food will all go to the local animal shelter in a few days after I can get everything cleaned and together.

    Vicious looking but the reality was she would beat you with her tail and lick the hide off you. She thought the entire human race was put here to pet her!
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    Been there, done that, hated it. Our beloved boxer Emma developed an inoperable tumor in her spine that eventually rendered her unable to walk. When I went to take her to the vet,I was so upset, I tried to back out through the garage door. Emma went with the two of us sitting on the doctor's floor and her head in my lap. She was like a child to us. We buried her ashes out behind the house with a marker for remembrance. The pain of your loss will pass eventually, but hopefully the memories will last.
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      Oh how we so easily get attached to our pets. We have had our mixed breed Shitsu/Poodle Missy 7 years and she is so much a part of our lives. I know you will miss your Bunny. In my rural town among the elderly semi-shut-ins, their pets are what they talk about the most. It hurts to loose them.
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        Heartfelt Condolences for your loss Pappy


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          A couple of months after I turned fourteen (1958), one of our neighbor's, had his Beagle give birth to a litter of four, and I got first pick from the litter, a chubby little guy who seemed to sleep every time I went down to see him. I named him 'Corky' after a cartoon character in a school newsletter back then. I didn't have him more than a few weeks when he disappeared. My Mom said she let him out and he never came home! My first thought was that perhaps Dad had just taken him away for whatever reason; and of course, I was upset to say the least. About a month went by and I was doing some outside chore in front of the house when I heard a dog yelping. It was coming from the field across the road and I spotted a tail waving through the tall grass... it was my Corky! He was tugging at a dead woodchuck, dragging along as best he could. I have no idea where he had been, except perhaps living in the woods and fields. There was nothing in that direction except the highway and beyond that the forest, fields, and a couple of ponds.

          He was with me for about eight years, he'd run the half mile down to the bottom of the hill and then follow the sschool bus up the hill to where we'd get off. One day in my In my senior year, the weather was quite nasty and the bus driver let him on at the bus and he jumped up on the seat right there by the door, after that the the seat became his, permanently. He rode the bus right up to when my kid sister graduated. In those highschool years, he'd accompany me on my daily 5-mile paper route, running rabbits in the fields along the way, having the skill to chase them into the road so I could see them. I even caught one with my empty paper bag one time! One day when I was collecting from my route customers, I stopped at a house where the man was mowing his rather large lawn. The guy shut off his mower and as he paid me, Corky chased a rabbit out of the bushes the fellow had just mowed around. The guy offered me fifty bucks right on the spot, more than I made in a month. But Corky wasn't for sale at any price and I thanked him and we moved on. Everybody along the route loved that dog.

          When I got my first new car in 1965, he loved riding in it, and though I didn't have much time because or work and a couple of girlfriends back then, I tried to still keep Corky in my life. But in previous years, while running along my paper route, he had been hit by cars twice, surviving both times. We had taken him to the vet a few times, but his hearing was going and he ran a bit out of kilter as a result of the accidents. I came home from work one morning (I had been working 2nd and 3rd shifts at a local factory, 15 days in a roll, for a few months at that time) and my Dad told me I had to put him to rest. "You're never home anymore and it isn't up to your Mom to take care or him, he barely gets around anymore and he sits on the front porch waiting for you!" I was told to take him to the county to be euthanized. Even at 22, living at home, you did what Dad said, and there was no argument about it.

          So that afternoon, within the eight hour period I had to sleep before returning to the next shift, Corky and I left, spent an hour or so walking one of his favorite fields and then I drove to the vet where I gave Corky a last hug and a talk, and then I left. I could hear him whine as I closed the door and walked back to the car where I sat tearfully for a while. I never got another dog and his memory is still with me after more than fifty years. At times I choke up when seeing his likeness in other beagles I see. Just a few months ago I told my son about that day so long ago. It still effects me and my loss has turned to guilt, thinking that there was something else I should have been able to do.

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            Sorry to hear it. We lost our beloved lab while your fur baby was still a puppy, and unfortunately our lab / beagle mix is probably getting close as he's got an inoperable mass on his hind leg...

            Long winded way of saying, sorry, I feel ya, keep the memories...
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              Sorry about your Lab. The tumor must be quite painful and confusing to your dog. I wish you all better days. Take comfort that you had him in your life.


            • dbhost

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              Confusing I am sure. Painful? No evidence of that as of yet. Part of the reason we haven't had to make the tough decisions yet, He is graying out, and not as fast as he once was, but he'll tug o war with the best of them, and will drag a hunk of 2x4 across the shop the same as he did as a puppy... As long as he is happy and not in pain we are keeping him going. The lab we lost befre we got the lab / beagle mix was 14 and had typical lab problems. I did not want to let him go, but he couldn't keep on. Miss that furball to this day. Love the current dog mine you. I've not yet had a dud of a dog... Definately improves my life...

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            Sorry for your loss.

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              Pappy, sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand how hard it must have been to male that decision. We had to do similar some years back.
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