Happy Easter!

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  • Happy Easter!

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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    Y'all have a great Easter Sunday too.

    Tonight we are celebrating my Mom's 97th birthday!
    Loring in Katy, TX USA
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    • twistsol
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      Tell your mom a random Minnesotan said Happy birthday!

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    Happy Easter, Kids and dogs came over for brunch ... and then we did taxes.
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    A moral man does it.


    • LCHIEN
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      Reviewing my taxes which had seemed too high revealed I had imported some 1099 items twice; once fixed changed me from owing several thou to getting a few thou back. Phew!

    • twistsol
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      My taxes have been done for a couple of months and was working on the kids taxes today. I owe several thousand to both state and fed so I'm not filing and sending payment until tomorrow evening about 10 minutes before they're due.

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    Happy Easter to you all!
    Think it Through Before You Do!


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      Happy Easter to everyone!