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    A large storm has been heading our way from the Gulf of Mexico and already has unleashed a number of twisters to our west. Early this morning I clicked on the news, NBC I think. After watching the same videos a couple of times the weather talking heads started talking about what to do if you receive a tornado alert. Head for an internal bathroom because of the plumbing in the walls it is the strongest room in the house. The whole group smiled and shook their heads, proud of their selves! I’m not doubting that a bathroom is the best room in the house if a twister is headed your way, but no way this is because the PVC or PEX is adding much strength to these walls, probably CWSmiths 100 year old houses are stronger. I wonder how many viewers said, “oh that is why”?

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    And all this time I though that's what the basement was for. I bet my basement bathroom is really super safe.
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      When my oldest child bought a basement house, while I was dealing with our lack of a safe room, I researched basement safe rooms. One thing I remember was that it is not much of a safe room if it is connected to the floor above it. If the tornado tumbles your house it is likely to snatch any basement walls connected to the above floor out as well!

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    If there's a tornado I'm going to the powder room in the interior of the downstairs,
    For one thing there's at least two walls or two ceilings between me and the outdoors. And there are no glass windows to blow out (most likely in a tornado) or in throwing glass on us. Well on second thought there is a large glass mirror. But the interior walls are load bearing and the stairs are partly over head and they are strong.

    I think its probably the safest place in the house in a tornado. We don't have basements here in coastal Texas.
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      A basement here in South Georgia is what most people would call a cistern. My house is a 1 level, raised slab with brick facia. My house is simular to Jabe’s as it was built with handicapped in mind with the back entrance through the patio and glass porch only having 1 short step. Plenty of large glass windows with no where to hide from a storm in a room without a shared outside wall or windows except in my closet. It was to be a poured concrete vault safe room but the economy got in the way when we were at that stage of build. So… if you see of a tornado on the news ripping though just go ahead and say goodbye capncarl!

      We did have one tornado cut a 50 yard wide path through the woods 2 lots down from mine!