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    Side 3 Click image for larger version

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    And for the record…. My largest lag bolt is 1/2” x 12” long, from when Hurricane Dennis blew all the power poles down in my community I was able to “ salvage” them from the crossbars i salvaged.


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      Rather than using a clear peanut container, spend a few bucks on a Plano type container at HD or Lowe’s and get some sorting capabilities

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    That's really something. I've just got a couple of the Stack On 39 drawer small parts organizers....
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      If we are showing off our hardware storage, here's mine. Getting this cabinet free was the equivalent of winning the mega millions to me.

      This is a backup tape storage cabinet an old neighbor of mine brought home from work and kept stuff in his garage for a decade. He gave it to me when he moved. I cleaned off the rust and painted it with Rustoleum hammered metal epoxy.

      One of the 12 drawers looks like the one below, tidy and labelled.

      The rest of them look like this, A conglomeration of random unrelated hardware with no semblance of organization. I'm still procrastinating on tackling this final bit of shop organization.

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        dont see anything...

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        Sorry, wasn’t trying to show off! Just showing what I learned from my fathers 2 50 caliber ammo cans full of his Treasures, and how I improved on his storage. I hope my storage will inspire others to create their own style of storage systems. There is still room for me to improve my storage, and I am continually adding to and removing components.

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        I thought I had abandoned this post and hadn't uploaded the photos. I guess I posted it instead.