What would be the perfect b-day present?

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  • What would be the perfect b-day present?

    Hey all

    James from Connecticut here. I need a piece of advice, so I’d appreciate your help here. Namely, my best friend is having his birthday party next week. And yes, you may guess, I don’t know what to give him as a present. What’s even worse, it’s not my problem only. Neither his wife nor other friends have any idea what would make the best gift for him.

    The thing is, we wouldn’t like to give him something he’d throw away or be unhappy with. We’re looking for something unique and creative that will blow his mind. Given that he’s a great football fan, a signed jersey or ball would be perfect. However, it’s not that easy to find, plus it would cost a fortune. We also considered buying him a new acoustic guitar because he’s a guitarist. Again, this is a very delicate field and there are chances he’d not be happy with it, so we gave this up too.

    Now, I’ve come up with an idea that will positively boggle his mind. In addition to football and music, he adores slots — these http://findworld.info/quickspin-slots-reviewed/ are his favorite. So the slot machine would be amazing right? Like hardly anyone on earth got it as a present. But there’s a catch here.

    I could do the woodwork, it’s not a big deal. I even know how I’d decorate it. The problem is the software. Who would be able to create all the applications, designs, and all other stuff related to the game. If you know a software developer who could do this in, like, 5 days, do let me know. If you don’t please share your ideas about what present to give the poor guy. Thanks!

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    Not sure about writing software from scratch in 5 days and being able to make a quality product, HOWEVER, unless the guy is an alcoholic, a nice bottle is always a winner.
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      I started to write something earlier but erased it. It was very much along the lines of dbhost - 5 days is not nearly enough time for a decent app. Plus, the cost would be astronomical in comparison to what you are asking. If Computer Tech support gets $50/hr in rural areas and $200/hr in metro areas, programing would be 10 times that for 1 off specialty apps.

      On the pen turning forum, several guys have refused to make custom pens without either 50% up front or the full amount. The customer describes what he wants in shape and color, then sees it and says it doesn't look like what he expected, so he doesn't want to pay for the time and components put into the project by the maker. This is not an occasional problem. I ran into this 10 years ago myself. The point is, if you want it, you would have to pay up front for a custom app whether you liked the outcome or not.
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