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  • This morning, after breakfast, I started the glue up of the lower shelf for the living room table. Then after dinner, I finished the glue up with the third board. I only do one join at a time, because it makes it easier for me to keep things aligned. The three pieces that make up the shelf are cut from the same board to keep the color even when I finish it.
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    • Tore out the overhead dust collection run, the up the wall piping etc... Disconnected the floor run so now I have no connected dust collection in the shop. Yay me!

      configured the 4" bits and bobs I am going to reuse, so they are ready to assemble, or at least size up the pipe and THEN assemble...

      Installed the first branch wye, and elbow to go up the wall, plus the second branch wye to pull form the dust collector. Installed the up the wall pipe and its associated elbows, and aimed it more or less in the general direction of where the 4" connects at the end of the workbench.

      Cut to size the peg board and glued it in place. It mostly took although one corner is going to need glue injected and squished together again. , Might just pin the corners down with short finish nails and call it good...

      Cut the corner braces.

      Pending delivery tomorrow of the pipe and new roll of foil tape. I should be able to fairly quickly get the install of the ducting done.

      Took the closet shelves out of clamps. Going to test those card scrapers out tomorrow or wednesday. Been wanting some for years.

      I need to contact a friend of mine from church, see if he can use the excess 4" DWV pieces...

      I am planning on making the middle of the "sandwich" for the second flip top stand out of ripped 2x6. I have it, and think I will have a MUCH easier time getting the holes straight and where I need them going that way since I can use the drill press on that...

      So I guess you could say I have 4 simultaneous projects going on in a one man shop and things are a bit disorganized A.K.A. messy. I am trying to clean up as I go. I don't think I will ever learn.
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      • Spent time working on the 5" upgrade for my dust collection most of the main powered wall ducted. Need to set up blast gates now. Or more specifically set up the blast gates I have...

        First pic is branch wye, elbow and upright duct, there are 2 elbows making a combined sweeping 90 at the ceiling there. A 5' joint, the second branch wye forks downward and has the 5x4x4 installed. Blast gates and hoses pending for the band saw. Yes there is some bend between first branch wye and second. Thankfully the gorilla tape joint will accomodate that... I REALLY need to drop the feel duct and first branch wye to straighten that out. I am using 2 blast gates where there previously was one. I probably SHOULD be using a single 5" blast gate here..

        ...and then the second pic...

        Second pic, is the branch wye where the flip top carts and clamp rack park. Reduced to 4" and waiting for a blast gate and hose... This will likely have a 4x2.5 funnel reducer used on it most of the time. This is technically a new drop and needs a blast gate. I don't have one to spare. Ugh...

        Third pic is behind the lathe, the last branch wye of the lower run, and I basically stub out to 5x4 reducers, one to a blast gate for the lathe dust hood, the other for a hose to go over to the drill press. I do not have room for ducting in the corner as much as I would like it...

        And I finished up the 3/8" MPT fittings on the compressed air piping system.

        First off is the 3/8" MPT connection at the output of the filter / manifold. This is the modified fitting. The coupler at the outlet tee is still a Cenral Pnuematic Industrial Coupler 1/4" and has a 3/8" x 1/4" bushing with a 1/4" close nipple to connect it. I will be upgrading this to a Milton 3/8" as well. My intent is to migrate my entire setup to Milton Type V high flow as soon as possible. I have a couple of them here and there, and the through bore, while I have not taken the caliper out to measure, it IS larger in ID than the type M / Industrial type I have been getting from Harbor Freight.

        On the outlet blocks, both of them, I replaced the fittings with the new Primefit 3/8" MPT x 1/2" push to connect unions, AND the Milton 3/8" High Flow V / M / A style compatible couplers, AND 3/8" forged brass ball / dump valves.

        Close up of the primefit union along with a view of the MIltion couplers. No nipples, no bushings. I removed something like 4 potential leak points per outlet block doing this...

        Close up of the ball valve. You can see I had just leak tested the assembly there with the soapy water.
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        • Spent a couple of hours fitting the glued up lower shelf into the frame of the base. I still have some more trimming work to do on one side to get the shelf to drop in. It took more time than I originally thought it would, but the finished look will be worth it.
          Jim Frye
          The Nut in the Cellar.
          ”Sawdust Is Man Glitter”


          • Finished, for now anyway, the 5" dust collection mains upgrade...
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            • So far diddly / squat.

              Oh, I did manage to find my runaway burnisher. Need to find a storage place for the scrapers and burnisher.

              And will at some point today do at least enough cleanup, and dig up some bench dogs from the stash to start scraping the excess glue on the glueups for the master suite linen closet shelves... Yay...

              Oh I did work a bit on straightening up and putting my bins back on the wall. I got 3 of the 4 sets installed. Not sure where to install #4 since the duct is right where it went...
              Drives me crazy on how much excess packaging these things come in.
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              • Managed to get the new spin bike set up, calibrated and did a 15 mile ride. I also spent an hour on hold on the phone to order the parts for it that were damaged by FedEx on its way here. It seriously looked like they tossed the box out of a plane onto the driveway.

                The rest of this week and next will be spend helping the kids pack up their apartment for the move into their first house.

                Other than walking through the shop from time to time, haven't spent any time in there in a few weeks and probably won't until sometime in March. I have all the materials for the office cabinets and bookcases and no time to get into the shop to start the work.
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                • Been working. Waiting for a doctor for a video visit, have a minor issue I just need to get the docs input on... Since I have been coughing (allergies are kicking my butt, but everyone is paranoid about COVID) I can't go in...

                  Did a bit of cleanup. Boxed up my DC spares, and changed boxes. My old air compressor box is falling apart. While transferring things over I discovered I have a spare 4" blast gate. I re-found the OE dust port for the HF band saw. Yep, it's pitiful. Not even 2.5". Glad I changed up to the Jet port...

                  Sawed to length the glue ups for the linen closet shelves, sanded smooth the glue squeeze out I was too stupid to take care of initially. Tried out my new card scrapers. Nice, I can see why people like them...

                  Need to get some cat grass, and stuff to finish dinner for tonight and get some milk so grocery store we go. Randalls has Wheat grass that the cat loves and it is way cheaper than the stuff at the pet store...

                  Glued up the cutoffs from the closet shelves and have enough left over for the 4th shelf. It all lined up perfect, no need for biscuits, which is awesome. Once the glue up is set I will rip to final length and I can get going with the bullnose routing. .

                  I have WAY too much packaging material and pull out waste from the 4" DC stuff. Will spend some time cleaning up tonight.

                  I am deeply regretting making all the cuts I did without the dust collector. The belly pan of the saw has made for a mountain of sawdust piled up. I can't run the DC and the air compressor at the same time. So I will likely make sure the compressor is fully charged up, turn it off, kick the DC on, with only the lower pickup blast gate open and blow the piles around inside the cabinet so I can get it down to the belly pan port and picked up by the DC....
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                  • Did a bit of cleanup.

                    As mentioned in another thread, dealing with family issues due to one of my brothers in law passing away. He is the one that had a stroke about 6 months ago. Lots of factors, don't need to go into it...

                    Found an issue with the 5" install getting the ABS to ABS joints to stick, had to cut segments of split lock, pop rivet them in place to the ABS pieces and THEN tape to seal. No tape would hold to the ABS for 24 hours straight with any weight on it, not even Gorilla tape. Lesson learned.

                    Ran the Table saw for the final rip on shelf #4 with all ports to the table saw open. I could literally see the air / dust getting sucked in, including dust that was well away from the shark guard. I stil need to clean the lower end out, but it is just a little instead of a giant pile...

                    Went out to the shop and found the self draining filters on the compressed air system, well doing their thing, which caused the compressor to cycle, now I know where that oily gack on the floor is coming from...

                    The dining room set chairs have been coming unglued one at a time for years, and I have reglued them, then come undone, I reglue them. They came unglued again... I dug out the glue, a drill and dowels and cross dowelled the joints. I these things come unglued again I am turning these chairs into firewood. And no my weight does NOT make life easy for them... I know...

                    Spent some time cleaning, but honestly, holy guacamole is it a mess in there. Going to take several days.

                    Once the cleaning is done, god help me with the cleanup of all the giant pile of sawdust which will require the shop vac / thien rig, I am going to get back on the build for the second flip top stand. The sides are done. I need to make the flip mount, and the base, and get the holes drilled. Get assembly and paint done and call it good...

                    Spent some time with drywall mud in the dressing room and master bath fixing drywall anchor holes afer removing the 1980s bath fixtures, towel bars and the like... No holes is good. Letting that dry and then I get after it with a sander...
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                    • Said to heck with the pine glue ups, went to Home Depot,got a sheet of 3/4" red oak ply cut into 24" more or less x48" sections. Came home and finished off hte shelves for the linen closet. I think I need to sand the roundovers on the ply a little better before paint though...

                      I forgot how much I like using the Hitachi KM12VC router. . That thing is a beast, but a smooth, clean cutting beast...

                      Took the scrap cutoff from that segment of ply and slabbed off the sides and back for the first drawer on the miter saw table, and finished it up. The pulls are pull offs of some old Armoire that Hurricane Harvey ruined. The screw holes are oddly narrow, and I didn't care to make them too carefully. But functional.

                      One thing I noticed....

                      Nice relatively void free sanded red oak plywood is now a dollar cheaper than lain Aracuo pine, and both of them are stupid expensive for plywood. Like $67.00 for oak, and $68.00 for pine.

                      I believe I have enough material to get the remaining 4 drawers complete, maybe.... I might have to snag some other scrap. I may have to prioritize this and the flip top tool stand to finish off the storage projects. As storage is my biggest problem now that the dust colllection is done.

                      Spent a good hunk of time cleaning up the shop, And still have a good amount to go... Not particularly difficult. I just need to stow cutoffs,break down and discard shipping / packing materials,sweep, push stuff back where it belongs, and vac it all up, done...
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                      • Wife wanted to install blinds behind existing curtains. That meant creating space behind curtains.

                        So here are some blocks I made for the existing brackets. Cut some scrap on Bt3100. Nothing fancy but used the opportunity to try new router bit for chamfering. And used my recently acquired used drill press to drill these identical holes after making a make-shift fence and stop block. (I see how much valuable a drill press table with a fence + stop block will be).

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                          Love using 45 degree chamfer bit for a small chamfer. Gives the finished wood project such a polished finished look and keeps the edge from being too sharp, non uniform, and being nicked in use. I always keep a chamfer bit in the router when not in use so I can do it as a matter of course to most items.

                          Same thing for exposed dowel ends and exposed holes. Chamfer the dowels and use a countersink bit on visible holes.

                      • After we worked on the Pinewood derby car the elder 11-YO grandson had expressed an interest in cutting up some wood scraps (torturing he called it) so I invited him over for the afternoon to work in the shop using hand tools instead of power tools.

                        I taught him about different kinds of wood - pine for the car we built earlier, plywood, cedar and some maple and walnut. We.talked about grain and knots. I let him break some thin cutoffs to see that it broke at the knot. He enjoyed bending and snapping two thin cutoffs together in a vise to make a snapping noise - spent a long time doing that with different lengths and thicknesses.

                        We took some cutoffs and put them in them in the vise and I had him cut with the Japanese -style pull saw (one from HF) and he said he enjoyed cutting with that. Then we used the miter box and a backsaw to cut some soft wood to show him how to cut square joints compared to free-handing. He found that somewhat harder to use.

                        Then he wanted to sand some stuff, I gave him the smoothing blocks I use which are some 100 or 80 grit pieces of cut up 4" belt stapled to a short piece of 2x4 which he really enjoyed smoothing out the hand cut pieces, the edges and the rough corners until they were smooth. I taught him how to put a slight relief bevel on sharp corners and how to sand a curve.

                        Then we messed around and built son of pinewood derby, seen below. This was actually the bandsaw cutoff from the side of the real car entry. So he sanded it smooth and got all the saw marks off it and I sliced a dowel on the bandsaw and we marked the center with a center finder and drilled some holes (the only power tool use of the day) and put some wheels on it. I present, Son of Naked Speed.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	P2120838.JPG Views:	0 Size:	161.9 KB ID:	848357 Click image for larger version  Name:	P2120835.JPG Views:	0 Size:	195.4 KB ID:	848358

                        Then he and his brother watched some TV and as they always do at Grandmas house they ate two bags of Redenbacher Movie theater popcorn, two scoops of Java Choc Chunk ice cream, and sipped some coffee with Grandma.

                        Then we took them to their home to have BBQ I picked up for us and their parents from Red River BBQ.

                        When we left our house for dinner the younger one cried. Because Grandma promised him a game of Monopoly he didn't get. So after dinner and some ping pong, we took them back to my house for a game of Monopoly (my simplified Socialism rules). If anyone wants to know how that works, let me know. Finally back home at 10:30 PM (it was a weekend).

                        Good day with the Grands.
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                        • We spent all yesterday and half today working in the garden, getting it ready for the upcoming planting season. My garden is hybrid raised bed with 6” boxes set on the ground and 18” of dirt removed, making it about 24” deep, filled with 100% mushroom compost. Every year I top up the beds with 3 or 4 cubic yards of fresh mushroom compost. Last years garden was a big letdown. My theory for the poor performance of the garden is I brought in a trailer load of Mushroon Compost that was contaminated with Nematodes. I can’t successfully get rid of nematodes so I am converting the whole garden to container gardening filled with fresh mushroom compost from another source. Oh my aching back.


                          • Finished my cordless drill rack

                            I'm thinking about making a hangar for the 4-5 cordless tools I usually use in the shop and perhaps a charging station. Anyone have any good designs, comments about usability that they have encountered, experiences? One example from the internet. Seems un-necessarily complex to me. Why does it need the separators? to keep the

                            Helped the wife with her rock garden.

                            Had some fried chicken for valentines day.
                            Loring in Katy, TX USA
                            If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to treat all problems as if they were nails.
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                            • Finished up the 2nd drawer for the miter saw bench. Moved the drilling accessories down Starting on drawer #3 of 6 now...

                              Dealing with family issues due to the recent death. It's a mess. So yeah, Valentines day kind of sucked...
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