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    Lots of water, its hot and dry here in the desert.

    Phoenix AZ - It's a dry heat

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      My previous answer to Beverages in the shop I stated that I usually have 2 cases of beer in the frig + Cokes, water and Gatorade. My shop is a detached garage across the driveway from the house. We use it as my shop, my wife’s craft place, boat repairs, lawn equipment repair, garden central and anything that needs to be built or repaired, this is where it happens. When neighbors and friends drop in, they don’t go to the house or patio, first they see what is happening in the shop. Neighbors and friends drop by anytime to get that piece of their project that they don’t have the equipment to cut or machined, or grab some hardware from my private hardware store. During a cookout it it not unusual to have 2 blenders set up on my outfeed table and several coolers of beer in front of the tool boxes. We really enjoy having a “shop” that is used for multiple things and is enjoyed by everyone. .


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        Originally posted by leehljp View Post
        WELL, my shop refrigerator became the overflow for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthday party left-overs! Before those events, that is where the extra tea, milk and cold what-ever go! And we have TWO refrigerators in the house - one in the kitchen and one in the den!

        Late Edit in: I left off a favorite that I started drinking when living in Japan: Iced or COLD Coffee in the spring, summer and Fall. When I really want a pick-me-up in warm and hot times in the middle of the day or early afternoon, I go with iced or cold coffee. I always have a bottle or can of cold coffee in the fridge, and sometimes I get a Japanese can of coffee from my daughters!
        I thought about putting that on the list but my mom was the only person I know who regularly drank iced coffee.
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          Originally posted by LCHIEN View Post

          I thought about putting that on the list but my mom was the only person I know who regularly drank iced coffee.
          I'm not a fan of iced coffee. That said, when it comes to coffee, I'm a junkie not a connoisseur. I prefer french roast, but will drink anything, including the coffee that's been sitting on a bench in the shop a few days ... sawdust or not. As long as nothing is growing or swimming in it, I'm good.
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            Originally posted by woodturner View Post
            I just drink water
            Same here
            Turaj (in Toronto)
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              There's a beer fridge underneath the wing of my Unisaw. There are often whisk(e)y bottles around. I'm fine with beer while working, the whisky is reserved for relaxing later, or for time sitting around measuring/drawing or other non-danger activities.

              There are cigar ashtrays everywhere, you will rarely find me in the shop without one.


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                Way back in 73' when I first went to work for the Rand, we had an old guy working out in the office supply vault between our area and the print shop. 'Mel' was an avid coffee drinker and like you mentioned, it mattered not whether it was cold, old, or whatever. He'd come in on a Monday morning and look for his coffee cup and drink whatever was left in it... I mean even to the point where he'd pick a fly or two out of it before he'd take a sip. (I hope you're not that bad ).

                My Dad was a coffee drinker, he'd pack a thermos, refill it at lunch and first thing he'd do is make a cup when he got home from work. Coffee at every meal and snack and just sitting at the dining table having a smoke in the evening.

                For the first few years of my coffee-drinking life, I'd drink it with "cream n sugar", but I found that there were too many times when those enhancements simply weren't available, we'd run out, etc. Often "in the field" on SAR (Civil Air Patrol) and other training missions we'd be out and if you wanted coffee, it would just be black and too often cold. I got used to that, but in my later 'drawing board' days I simply drank it black in whatever form it came. Every work area had it different, sometimes drip, sometimes the big urns and whatever brew they made. Got to a point when I was in my late 30's that I was drinking five or six cups of caffeine a day in coffee form and maybe a soft drink or two added to the schedule. In any case I was getting some shaking in my hands and aggravated all too easily. My Doc, told me to cut out the caffeine!. So, one cup of coffee a day ever since and I now drink decaf.

                I sort of miss the days when a bunch of us all drank coffee together and solved the challenges of our days!.

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                  Back when I was in Seminary in Ft Worth, Texas, married, 2 girls at the time, we went home one weekend to my parents in NW MS just south of Memphis. My parents gave us plenty of "extras" to bring back with us, including several 1lb packs of coffee. I drank coffee in the morning usually or in winter - afternoon and night if it was cold (Blue Northers as they were called in the DFW area.) I worked at a freight dock in the evenings in the DFW area, unloading and loading freight from tractor trailers - Freight picked up in the area, sorted and put into trucks going all over Texas. Shortly after returning from my trip home, a blue norther blew in and I made took a 32oz thermos with me to work. I drank some during a break, but at 11 PM the wind was blowing hard and temp in the low 20's. I drank the rest of the coffee before going out across the parking lot, a 100 yard walk, into that cold blowing wind. I got home about 11:30, did a bit of studying, but could not sleep due to all the coffee. It was about 4 AM before I went to sleep. Up at 6:30 getting ready for classes, I made some more of that strong coffee and then noticed on the bag: "DeCaf Coffee".

                  I stayed up all night from the perception that I had drank "caffeinated" coffee! It was such a psychological effect, and I got so aggravated that I decided that I wasn't going to let even REAL caffeine keep me awake anymore! I don't drink much coffee in the evening anyway now, either caffeinated or decaf, BUT when I do, I still remember the psychological effect and somehow, I can "will" myself to sleep after drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee now. Seriously.

                  My Doc, told me to cut out the caffeine!.
                  I am prepared. When my doc says only one cup a day, below is my "1" cup! Made for me by my Son-in Law.

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