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Moving to the smokies!

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  • Moving to the smokies!

    Just when I start feeling good about my shop.... its time to move.

    I just accepted a position at Tusculum University, in the Smokey Mountain region.

    Am excited... but dang.... packing up the shop is no small task!!!!!

    How the heck do you do it?

    I'm really hoping to keep my lathe in reach. That means I'll also need my drill press and a hand saw.

    (Making pens)

    Any pointers?

    Do uou move your wood or sell it?

    I have quite a bit of maple, cherry. Hickory, and live oak. I'm also reluctant to toss or sell my straight 2x4s. (Ever seen what theyre trying to sell these days??)

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    From Experience moving my shop across the state twice and my brother in laws shop across the country.
    • To prevent injury, remove bits blades and cutters from any tools before moving them.
    • If movers are moving your drill press, take the head off the column. People aren’t expecting it to be as top heavy as it is. Both mine and BIL’s drill presses were dropped on their heads. Moving companies took care of it in both cases, but prevention is better.
    • If you can remove the legs from tools like lathe or ShopSmith, rails from the tablesaw, etc. do so. It makes it easier to load and find room in the truck.
    • Put all the hardware for everything disassembled into separate containers and label each container, I use Ziploc bags, and put all those into a single well marked box. I put the hardware for beds, dining room table, etc. in there as well wo my wife was invested in making sure we had it. If you’re really paranoid keep the box with you.
    • Our last move involved about 1000 bf of Maple, Birch, and Oak lumber. My wife and I loaded it into my truck and drove it to storage, unloaded it and then reversed the process for the new house. At $4-$5 a board foot it was a fair amount of money and we were moving < 100 miles so it was doable. Movers charge by weight so it might make sense to sell it now and rebuy later.
    • Wrap long stuff like table saw rails, track saw rails, straight edges, levels etc. with stretchy plastic film. The 8’ tablesaw rails ensured my tracksaw tracks didn’t get bent.
    An ethical man knows the right thing to do.
    A moral man does it.


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      Bit the bullet and sold my live oak, Ambrosia, cedar, and hickory bundles. Will really miss that live oak.

      Still have gobs of shorts and turning blanks that I think I'll keep.

      While digging around my piles, found a half dozen old 2x4s. 8' the grain is incredibly tight, and they're not white. Suspect I could be a millionaire


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        When you move to the south you have to learn a new language,