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  • Refinishing gun stock

    At a local auction, I picked up an old Winchester M37. (single shot shotgun)

    The gun needs some restoration work, but I have a real soft spot for anything that says Winchester.

    Oddly, the stock has some peeling lacquer,or varnish.

    I'm planning on stripping the wood, and oiling it.

    Any of you havye stock finishing formulas that work well?
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    Do you plan on shooting this Winchester?
    Do you have ammo? I understand it’s quite pricey when you can find it, $70. A box.
    I’d strip the stock and paste wax it. It will make a nice display gun.
    I recently reloaded a batch of .35 Remington, but that’s an altogether different gun.


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      Use a good stripper. Toothbrush the checkering.Lightly sand with a block only if necessary. Wipe the whole stock with a damp rag, let dry. This should raise the grain. Use a fine grade of sand paper and sand in one direction only to remove the whiskers. My preferred finish is pure tung oil. Flood as much on as the wood will absorb for an hour. Wipe dry and hang in sunlight for a day. Wetsand with 4/0 steel wool for an half an hour, wipe dry and hang again in sunlight for a day. Keep repeating until all the pores are filled or you are satisfied.
      just another brick in the wall...


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        Sunlight? Ever seen an Appalachia winter?


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          I might add.... for a wall hanger gun I sand to 1000 grit for a glass like finish and paste wax. For a shooter firearm, like Black Walnut says.


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            Originally posted by durango dude View Post
            Sunlight? Ever seen an Appalachia winter?
            Enough sneaks through even on a cloudy day. UV helps it cure. If kept inside it can take a long long long time. Epoxy is good if you are in a hurry and want a durable and waterproof finish.
            just another brick in the wall...