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    I went out to crank my 20 year old Craftsman LT1000 lawn tractor this morning and it would not start. Battery basically died when the cool weather came on. Been cranking easily up until this morning. I put a charger on it with a 50A start but could not get it to barely turn over. Decided to go to HD 35 miles away and get another battery. Actually I went to Tractor Supply first and they didn't have ANY. While at HD, and looking at the only 2 versions they had (I got the heavier duty - 300 cold crank amps vs the 200). -While there looking at the12V batteries, I got a call from my daughter in Springfield MO. (We live about 300 miles apart.)

    "Hey dad, my lawn tractor won't start. Will the trickle charger on it overnight help it to crank by tomorrow?" (Saturday) I chuckled, "That is what I am doing now. - getting a new battery for my mower."

    Her lawn tractor battery and my lawn tractor battery both went out the same day - or rather both refused to crank their respective engines on the same day. I advised her to go to her Lowes nearest her and find a battery similar to hers and get it. I told her that she was capable of changing it out. She has the tools and knows basic tools.
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    Those kinds of things happen in threes.... watch out!
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      Putting on my tin foil hat.... it can't be a coincidence