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    My brother passed away last month at the age of 79. He suffered from stage 4 kidney failure and had been on dialysis for about 3 years. The blow of losing him was softened by the fact that it was his decision to stop treatment and asked to be moved into hospice care. He was in long term care and the the worst part was that with the COVED restrictions we couldn't visit him. Once death was imminent the restrictions would have been lifted but his nurse said he was alert and joking with them on Thursday night and passed almost with out warning the next morning. His son was allowed in when they made the decision to go to hospice care. Stan had mild dementia and wasn't considered capable of making the decision on his own. Tim got us on facetime so at least we had a good visit with him not too long before he died.

    Now the real frustrating part. I am listed as the executer of his will. He didn't have much in his estate since he had already passed most things of value to the ones he wanted to have them. I would probably not probate the will except for 2 cars. His daily driver is willed to one of his sons and his '77 El Camino is willed to me. Without probate transfer requires a Certificate of Heirship signed by all of his children. He has 2 daughters by a first marriage that no one knows how to contact. Probate is a simple process except that i can't find any real information on a form for the application to the court or samples of a letter to attach to the will. I'm trying to avoid having to hire a lawyer that could cost more than the total estate is worth. I found a veteran's legal aid group but I make too much money to qualify for their help. On the good side, I have found during my research how to transfer my estate to my heirs on my death without going through the courts for probate of my will.

    I'll leave this on a light note. I found this the day my brother died. Wish I could have found a way to pull it off....he would have loved it!

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    Don, aka Pappy,

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