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Winter needs to be over.

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  • Winter needs to be over.

    I love winter which is why I live in Minnesota, but after the snowiest February on record here and another 5" last night, I've officially run out of places to put the snow. On the plus side it looks nice and completely masks the trees still laying in the yard from last fall's tornado.

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    Makes me miss plowing my driveways for 4 hours on the ol' Allis. And plowing part of the road, too (to keep the county grader from plowing in the drives!

    Nah. I'm kidding... I don't miss it one bit!


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      Doesn’t sound like global warming is effecting you much?


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        My old wheelhorse plow (cast iron Kohler!!!) has been sitting in the garage most of the dang winter waiting for a nice little storm.

        I love a good excuse for starting the tractor --------- but mother nature has not cooperated.

        Yesterday, I moved the tractor up into the shed, and put the Harley in the garage ------- a surefire way to get it to snow.

        It still has the snow blade on it, just in case.