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    Cat 4 Hurricane Lane bearing down on my Island Hawaii, had 20" of rain in the last 24 hrs. in my district of Waiakea. We were lucky the storm is heading north west and I live on the east side in Hilo. For unknown reason, we didn't get any winds yesterday, last night and this morning. Most Big Islanders feel our high mountains Mauna Loa & Mauna Kea acts as a buffer that keeps the winds away. We had lots of flooding in the low lying areas but, my area has good drainage so the waters subsides pretty fast. I was lucky no damage to my home yet, just my yard got kinda flooded but it drained away quickly. My home is built 4' off the ground post & pier construction. The hurricane is now about 180 miles outside the southern tip of my island heading north towards Kailua Kona which is located on the west side of my island. Then it'll head towards Maui, Molokai, Lani, Oahu on Friday /Saturday and hopefully pass Kauai.

    The eruption has subsided for the last 2 weeks, but lava is still entering the ocean through lava tubes. 700 + homes lost and some homes are not accessible anymore (surrounded by Lava) or toxic fumes makes it impossible to live in. Several papaya farms lost, our geothermal electric plant which provides 30% of our electricity sustain damages and cannot reopen for years. Volcano National Park is still closed due to earthquake damages. Lava is still pooling in fissure 8 located in Leilani subdivision so the eruption is still active.

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    Hurricane didn't make landfall but, dropped a lot of rain. We got 49" in my district Waiakea from Friday to Sunday. We were in Flash Flood Alert from last Friday to today Monday. Lots of damage and landslides. Lucky little wind in my area but other parts of the State got some damage.


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      You islanders have been having a rough year. Stay safe.
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