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  • Popping back in...

    Hi all... Haven't been around this site for nearly half a year now. I got pulled back in today with a PM notification and then read a few recent posts and now I just wanted to say 'hi'.

    This summer (and the spring before it) have gone crazy fast. In 2017 my mom passed away, and her house in Iowa needed to be emptied out, cleaned, and put on the market. My siblings and I did much of that work in May, with a few additional trips down in June and July. But a lot of stuff ended up coming back with me... and getting piled in my garage/shop. So it's been difficult, if not impossible, to get any woodworking stuff done. Some of that stuff is being assimilated into our house slowly, some of it is going to be resold on eBay or craigslist, and some of it... I'm not sure yet lol. We're chipping away at it but still have a ways to go.

    I ordered a Shaper Origin last year which came in January, and I've actually had very little time to spend with it. I have a few projects in mind yet this year, once I can clear out a little shop space. Also my mom had a beautiful waterfall-style art deco cedar chest that was in pretty good condition but had scratches and some veneer problems that I've been working on... so that's kind of woodworking related I sprayed on multiple coats of finish this past weekend, and am letting that cure good and solid before I polish it out.

    Beyond that, keeping busy with a lot of other things too. But hopefully I can plug back in here and try to get reinspired to do some woodworking again!


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    Welcome back Tim. Looking forward to see what you do with that Shaper Origin.
    Bill in Buena Park


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      I'd like to hear more about it also. I've resisted any computer-run machines because the wood shop is my escape from....working on computers all day... But sometimes it would be nice to be able to do a perfect route in something that's hard to manage in any other way.


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        Good to see you posting again Tim. Sow us some pictures of your works! Would love to see them!
        Hank Lee

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