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  • TB Roye
    Veteran Member
    • Jan 2004
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    • Sacramento, CA, USA.
    • BT3100


    8 years ago after I retired and bought my first table saw, a BT3100, I found this site. Over the years this has become my place for learning, laughing, and some times crying. This place helped me spend a lot of money on tools, Some expensive and some from Harbor Freight. The advice from Pappy, Cabinet Man, Rod, Mr. Clean, Kirby and so many others have made my wood working enjoyable and a great learning experience. So far I still have 10 finger and 10 toes so it has been a success. I want to thank you and Adelle for hosting this sight and for all the time and effort you put in. I want to wish you and your family the best as you go on with you life.

    God Bless



    • dbhost
      Slow and steady
      • Apr 2008
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      • League City, Texas
      • Ryobi BT3100


      While I am doing my part where I can, I can only hope that we can continue the site in the spirit in which I originally found it, a great community that not only exchanged ideas, tips and deals on woodworking and the special issues encountered by BT owners, but also a great community of friends as well. Thank you again for all you have done over the years.

      Dave Hostetler A.K.A. dbhost...
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      • Stytooner
        Roll Tide RIP Lee
        • Dec 2002
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        • Robertsdale, AL, USA.
        • BT3100

        Sam, I have really enjoyed being a part of this community with you. You had the right idea and foresight from the very beginning.
        I was fortunate enough to have met you and your Family at my house as well.
        I think about that day and your Family often. Only wish we lived a little closer.

        We will strive to preserve the community as you have set it up originally.
        I doubt that this is a Goodbye, but rather see you soon.
        I know those boys are growing up far too fast, but soon they will be needing some quality furniture.

        To me that means build it yourself. I think you will be back sooner than you might think.
        Good luck with everything in the mean time though and enjoy every second of Family time that you can. We'll keep a light on for you.


        • Lonnie in Orlando
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          • May 2003
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          • Orlando, FL, USA.
          • BT3000

          Sam -

          Thank you for your work and dedication to BT3Central. Your site(s) guided and pushed my skills with my BT3000. I have always praised the site, even to non-woodworkers, for the true community feel. It's a joy to not have to worry about butt-heads flaming other members - a common problem on many forums. You and the moderators have done an execelent job of keeping the forum friendly and informative.

          I've stepped away from woodworking for a while, too. I've been tweaking on a '54 Chevy truck that I show occationally. Seems that I can focus on sawdust and grease at the same time. I miss the sawdust and hope to return soon.

          Treasure your family, enjoy your hobbies, and marvel at every day in that beautiful part of Kentucky.

          Lonnie Cook
          Orlando, FL
          OLD STUFF ... houses, furniture, cars, wine ... I love it all


          • Turaj
            Veteran Member
            • Dec 2002
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            • Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
            • BT3000 (1998)


            One more thank you for all the effort that you have put into this community and the vision that has brought us here. I do not post that often but I have been a member (and visit) since day one (well, technically the second day) and I have seen how this family has come together, grown and matured. Yes, members have put a lot into BT3 but without your vision and help of administrators and moderators, there would be no forum and no members.

            I wish you, Adel and the boys best of luck in all your endeavours and hope to see you back here again.

            PS. don't give away your tools, you never know when either yourself or the boys decide to do some woodworking!!!

            Best Regards, Turaj
            Turaj (in Toronto)
            "When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading!" Henny Youngman


            • Ian57
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              • Sep 2012
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              • Cocoa, Fl.
              • Delta 34-455 Contractors Saw

              I would like to second all the above. I have been here a very short while, I have found the forum to be a friendly helpful place. Long may it continue.
              FWIW I hall be sending my donation at the weekend.


              • Rslaugh
                Senior Member
                • Sep 2003
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                • Red Lion, PA, USA.
                • Ridgid

                Thanks & Best Wishes


                Many many thanks for sharing your interest in woodworking, starting & nurturing this site. You planted the seed and set the tone for an online community that is like no other that I have been involved with.

                My own interests have wondered over the years but I keep coming back to check in and see what's happening. I was shocked to see that it's actually been over a year and half since I was last here.

                I still remember the time we went to the Philly woodworking show as a small group. It is a fond memory.

                Thanks again to both you and Adele.
                IG: @rslaugh_photography
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                • gtoye
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                  • Mar 2003
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                  • Carrollton, TX, USA.

                  My Thanks as well

                  I'm a long time lurker, occasional poster. This site is on my daily web browsing rotation and it has been of great value to me for tips, tricks, and bargains. Thanks for starting it and for assuring its ongoing success as you move on to other interests.



                  • kramer katt
                    Established Member
                    • Aug 2004
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                    • SO CAL, USA
                    • BT3100 and Craftsman 100

                    you may have had lots of help creating and running this site, but its'
                    greatness and heart is the reflection of the soul of the man behind it.
                    Good on you.
                    Happy pedaling !
                    Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler
                    --Albert Einstein


                    • John Hunter
                      Veteran Member
                      • Dec 2004
                      • 2034
                      • Lake Station, IN, USA.
                      • BT3000 & BT3100

                      I have not been on the board for awhile, life got busy. But allow me to add my thanks. This board taught me a lot and I made a lot of friends.
                      John Hunter