Farewell To Niki

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  • gerti
    Veteran Member
    • Dec 2003
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    • Minnetonka, MN, USA.
    • BT3100 "Frankensaw"

    His posts were always enlightening, he will be missed. I am sure he'll even find ways to improve the big shop in the sky!

    I'll join the many wishing his wife heartfelt condolences, maybe she will find a little solace knowing that we think of her and Niki.

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    • Kristofor
      Veteran Member
      • Jul 2004
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      • Twin Cities, MN
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      No doubt little speaks so well of a man as to have inspired and been appreciated by so many people (from so many countries even in this case).

      He will be missed, but if you point the family to this thread and others like it, it should be clear how much of an impact he has had and how many folks appreciated what he did and how he did it.


      • LinuxRandal
        Veteran Member
        • Feb 2005
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        • Independence, MO, USA.
        • bt3100

        I don't know if they do the condolences logs/website/funeral home thing, but if you find anything out, let the word out. I wonder if his wife, really knows with the world wide web, how many people he really touched.

        Thanks Cab!
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        • Tom Slick
          Veteran Member
          • May 2005
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          • Paso Robles, Calif, USA.
          • sears BT3 clone

          Thank you Niki, you will be missed.
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          • drumpriest
            Veteran Member
            • Feb 2004
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            • Pittsburgh, Pa, USA.
            • Powermatic PM 2000

            Wow, that's just a shock, indeed he and his contributions will be missed.
            Keith Z. Leonard
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            • germdoc
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              • Nov 2003
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              • Omaha, NE
              • BT3000--the gray ghost

              He and his family will be in my prayers.

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              • chopnhack
                Veteran Member
                • Oct 2006
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                • Florida
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                May angels carry you to God's hands, Niki... you will be missed you crafty man. pożegnanie
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                • RAFlorida
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                  • Apr 2008
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                  • Green Swamp in Central Florida. Gator property!
                  • Ryobi BT3000

                  Read some of his posts,

                  and really enjoyed his write ups. He was a talented person and that showed in his pictures and jig discriptions. The WWs have lost a person with skill and the ability to teach. May God give him a carpentry shop up there.


                  • MilDoc

                    His work was certainly an inspiration to me, and his willingness to share. So long, Niki, you will be missed by all.


                    • scmhogg
                      Veteran Member
                      • Jan 2003
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                      • Simi Valley, CA, USA.
                      • BT3000

                      What sad news. He will be missed.

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                      May his great name be blessed, forever and ever.
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                      • GPA61
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                        • Sep 2004
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                        Sorry to hear about this. Niki and his family will be in our prayers.


                        • Norm in Fujino
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                          • Dec 2002
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                          • Fujino-machi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan.
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                          I've been gone for so long that I didn't get to know him, but I'm glad that his work remains.
                          ". . . and only the stump, or fishy part of him remained."
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                          • jussi
                            Veteran Member
                            • Jan 2007
                            • 2162

                            I just heard him mentioned on woodtalk podcast. I'm glad he was appreciated by many.
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                            • Uncle Cracker
                              The Full Monte
                              • May 2007
                              • 7091
                              • Sunshine State
                              • BT3000

                              Originally posted by jussi
                              I just heard him mentioned on woodtalk podcast. I'm glad he was appreciated by many.
                              By more than most of us realize, apparently. A fitting epitaph, to be sure.


                              • jabe
                                Senior Member
                                • Apr 2006
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                                • Hilo, Hawaii
                                • Ryobi BT3000 & Delta Milwaukee 10" tilting Table circular saw

                                He will be missed but his family will find comfort in knowing that his knowledge of WW lives on.