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  • Turaj
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    • Dec 2002
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    Originally posted by Pappy
    Very sorry to hear this. Please convey our condolences to his wife.
    What Pappy said. He will be missed.
    Turaj (in Toronto)
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    • cgallery
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      • Sep 2004
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      RIP, Niki. You will be sorely missed.


      • Hoakie
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        • Feb 2007
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        Wow, such sad news. When I first joined this site, I ran across some of Niki's work and was immediately blown away. Because of him I realized that buying a commercial jig/product is not always the best way and usually results in limited options.

        RIP Niki you and your work will continue to inspire me. Please forward my condolences to Niki's wife.
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        • SARGE..g-47

          Niki's passing is a sad moment for me also. A while back we passed a few e-mails on thoughts on jig ideas and he appeard not only here but several other sites fairly often. Niki was a very clever WW with safety conciousness always at the fore-front.. a brilliant jig builder and he was the best tutorial man I have encountered in 11 years on various wood-working forums.

          A toast with an empty shot glass (I don't use alcohol anymore) today in my shop in memory of Niki is appropriate. Condolences to the family and see ya when I see ya Niki!


          • toolguy1000
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            • Mar 2009
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            • westchester cnty, ny

            +1 on sarge's comments regarding niki's presence on other sites. as a ridgid forum participant, i've seen many postings from niki that were both informative and entertaiing. there is even a small area of one of the ridgid forum's sections that is dedicated to "niki stuff". he was even a winner of a best tip award @ wood magazine! a true craftsman whose knowledge will be missed.
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            • aggrex
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              • Jan 2009
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              Originally posted by cabinetman
              For new members or members that are interested, here is somewhat of a list of his efforts.
              RIP and Thanks Niki..I'm sure he was honored to see an entire thread created on that forum to consolidate his woodworking skills and ideas. Its clear he enjoyed teaching, sharing and educating others to become better.


              • LinuxRandal
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                • Feb 2005
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                I saw that he had posted last year, after at least one fight, I am aware of with cancer. While no one lives forever, he was one of those people you sure wish would. Whenever I get an idea for a jig, I always hope the spirit of Niki will inspire me.

                I would like to thank him again for his inspiration, and wish condolences to his wife.
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                • Alex Franke
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                  • Feb 2007
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                  Wow, that's so sad. I really respected his work and creativity. He will certainly be missed... Thanks for the update. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and other friends.
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                  • steve-norrell
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                    • Apr 2006
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                    Sad news indeed! He, and his informative posts, will be missed.

                    More importantly, though, my sympathies and best wishes to his family.



                    • eccentrictinkerer
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                      • Aug 2007
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                      I enjoyed Niki's posts. Just last Monday I did a Google search on Niki because I hadn't seen any posts lately.

                      I enjoyed his efforts in 'field expediency'. I'm lucky to have both a a Rockler and Woodcraft store within a mile of my home. I doubt Niki had that luxury.

                      He used stuff he found around to make everything. I followed his project not because I wanted to duplicate them, but to learn different ways to solve shop problems.

                      Spoczywaj w pokoju, Niki. Thanks for all your ideas.
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                      • jussi
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                        • Jan 2007
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                        Sorry to hear that. By far one of the most inventive guys. Did anyone every chronicle his jigs? Maybe place a sticky somewhere will all of them?
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                        • Lonnie in Orlando
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                          • May 2003
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                          CM, thanks for posting the information. I, like so many others, admired his out-of-the box thinking. But, even more, I admired the time and effort that he took explain his work to us. I cherish the interaction that we had.

                          My condolences to his family and friends.

                          - Lonnie
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                          • L. D. Jeffries
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                            • Dec 2005
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                            Life is so fragile and so fleeting. A sad but fond goodbye to a great wood worker. We will all miss Niki. Please relay my condolences to his family.
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                            • newbie2wood
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                              • Apr 2004
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                              • NJ, USA.

                              His work was a inspiration for many. I have always enjoyed the details that he put in his posts. Please convey our condolences to his wife.
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                              • ironhat
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                                • Aug 2004
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                                What a more true tribute to Nikki and his family than this thread of all who enjoyed, admired and felt close to though he was a continent away. I really do hope that his wife has the opportunity to read this and that she can feel some measure of pride and peace that his life touched many.

                                Prayers, condolences and blessings to his family.
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