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Bargain Hunting, and some surprising places to shop

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  • Bargain Hunting, and some surprising places to shop

    (for the WW-er, that is).

    I have realized that Walmart is a good place to pick up most glues, paint-tools, and even some wood finishes. Its amazing how much cheaper they are when compared to HD/Lowes or even Target.

    I bought a small Gorilla super-glue (15g) tube for $4.40 which I found Lowes sells for $5.98!

    And the 3M 90 (Spray Contact Cement) is $12 at Walmart and $22 at Target !

    And I love to pick up masking tape at Big-lots - similarly great deals when compared with the BORG.

    Online might be cheaper, but these are quicker, and no shipping!

    Btw, anybody think that 3M spray glue might not be good enough to glue a laminate to a pine table-top? It doesn't say it is contact cement, but does say its good for laminates and has all the warnings of a CC.
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    Only 3M spray glue I have ever used is "Super Trim Adhesive" way back when I reupholstered an old VW Microbus...

    I have noticed that different Walmarts carry different stuff. I have seen Titebond II at the Walmart in Kemah TX, but not in League City... And even then it is only the small bottles. I like getting the quart sizes as I use a bit of it...

    If you need cheap tools, they have a lot of B&D stuff there that runs a bit lower than the same item at Lowes & HD...

    They are really more oriented toward the weekend, once a year warrior, not the couple of nights a week after work and on weekends guys and gals...

    By the same token, if you need a toilet flush valve at 2:00 A.M. where else are you going to look?
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      Most of the supplies at our local Wal-Mart are a little higher than the Home Depot about 30 miles away. I think they do that because of the convenience factor.
      - Chris.


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        I purchase the little bottles of Super Glue at Wal Mart at a pretty good price. I don't use that much of the stuff, so the small bottles are pretty handy.


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          I don't like WalMart because it is putting all the mom and pop hardware stores out of business with their better selection and lower prices and convenient hours.

          I'm being facetious.

          In La Crosse we have BOTH 2 super Walmarts and a mom-and-pop store, Kroner's Hardware, that's been around quite a few decades and is still going strong. What we don't have is a good specialty WW store like Woodcrafts. If I had enough money and time...

          I tend to patronize Ace Hardware since it's locally owned and has discount prices comparable to WM, next Menard's. WM is too dang big--takes 10 minutes to walk to the hardware section.

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            If your area has a Michael's, Joanne Fabric, or AC Moore that frequently offers 40% or 50% of any regular priced item, most of these craft stores carry stains, glues, brushes, and poly, etc., and they honor each other's coupons. Not sure if Walmart honors competitors coupons, but I think HD and Lowes will.
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              Walmart sometimes has different sizes in different departments. In the craft department they may carry a small size, but in the paint department they may have a different size. Sometimes they have it on their impulse list and have a third size at the checkout counters.

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