How much do you spend on WW projects?

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  • How much do you spend on WW projects?

    Ok, just interested to see how much everyone spends on wood working projects.
    -Justin can thank me later.

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    A few mutations of this:
    do include tools? How about some tools bought specially for a project?
    How about projects I intend to start but don't start or finish?
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      I would say all thee above. Whatever cost are associated with getting your project done, or not done, would be fine.
      -Justin can thank me later.


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        I really can't see how the poll could be close to accurate given the options you give, Justin. IMO... every project is going to be different and depending on what tools someone already has... the wood species used and the local price.. the finish products used.. the size of the carcass.. etc., etc. etc.

        I am just putting the final touches on an A & C computer desk-hutch where 120 bd. ft. of QSWO and 30 bf of maple was used. I have about every power tool and hand tool known to man that have been accumulated. This project with hardware cost me around $650. The last which was a Mission coffee table cost around $200. The 5 drawer chest of drawers done in red oak cost round $300.. a red oak chest before that around $275 and the RO bed before that around $150.

        So... how could you derive at an accurate answer given so many variables? With that said.. if you are doing the poll just for fun without regard to accuracy please add the option of...

        Whatever it takes for that given project...



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          A per month may make sense if it's averaged over a long period, like maybe 1 year. There will be highs and lows depending on if WW'ing is a hobby or a profession. As a hobby, a pen turner buying blanks may spend less on materials than someone renovating and furnishing their home.

          Some may stockpile materials for what they use mostly. In one month I may purchase a unit or more of 3/4" hardwood plywood, (just to get good pricing), and maybe several hundred to a thousand or more BF of assorted hardwoods. This purchase may do me for a while, depending on the workload, so the amount spent would have to be averaged. The same holds true for tool purchases.


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            I voted kind of high, but I figure I include the cost of the space in my garage in that figure... Seriously though. For me, this is a SERIOUSLY skewed poll... I am building projects, as well as the workshop. And a woodworking shop fully equipped is NOT a cheap thing. Unfortunately even though the hobby is inherited, the equipment is not hand me down at all. (Dad got out of it a LONG time ago...)
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              Yes, this poll is jut for fun. Please don't read too strongly into the results. We all have highs and lows for our different projects, I was just trying get a rough idea as to how much $ people invest into their hobby/passtime. I figured a annual total would be too hard to figure, and a weely total might not be accurate either.

              Thanks for posting.


     can thank me later.


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                Not counting shop buildup, the figure goes down quite a bit. Band saws, lathes, forstner bits drill presses etc... all cost money...

                I keep an inventory in a spreadsheet, and the total invested in my shop is WAY more than I had in the first 10 cars I owned. (Combined). But then again, I used to drive $500.00 beaters.
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                  Very tough to call. I did vote for fun but I guess it depends on wether one accounts for the value of stock and materials already on hand as opposed to new $$s.

                  I am just finsihing a box which didnt cost me a penny in anything new but there is the cost of all the wood plus glue, sandpaper, finish etc. used on the project.

                  I did however spend at least $300 on other stuff this month

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                    I usually spend whatever I need to, but sometimes more than I need to, all depending on what it is that I'm working on... Does that help?


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                      my woodworking budget is 300 per month but that includes tools so i marked between 100 and 200. I have been doing storage stuff in our home and have build a crib in the last six months

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                        My current project has been in my garage for a little over a year. So Not too much a month.


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                          I voted 800+ because of the costs associated with the new shop. I figure before I can make a project the shop has to be finished.

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                            I could only remember back to Dec/Jan so I averaged the last 7 months. I also didn't include my bandsaaw purchase since I didn't think of it as a per month purchase. I'm also still learning so my wood purchases are for less expensive varieties.