A Special Tribute To Niki

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  • cabinetman
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    • Jun 2006
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    A Special Tribute To Niki

    I would like to say a special thanks to Niki for the efforts and thinking that goes into his posts. All we see is descriptive pictures and text about a jig or process. What we don't always think about is what he went through to do that. We aren't aware of all the time in developing the idea and all the parts involved. We aren't involved in actually experimenting and using the jig or item through all the trials and errors of working out the bugs. We can't really fathom the set-up for the photography and making pictures that good. We don't think about loading up all those pictures in his computer, and arranging them and then working out all the text that he prints on them.

    And then keeping track of each set of pictures and posting them in correct order. His whole process is really bewildering if you consider all he goes through just for us. I can't think of any single individual that goes to such extremes to offer help or display such creativity, for our benefit. Not only are his posts directed to help in accuracy, but also with safety in mind. His posts and tutorials are as professionally done as anything I've seen on the internet.

    I've read responses to a few of his posts that said something like "They already have a jig similar to that one at XYZ sales". The whole point to his work is to improve work skills and not to go out and spend a lot of money to buy something that you could make in your shop.

    I'll be posting this in other forums, so you can have a chance to read it again.

    At times the responses are minimal. So, I'm dedicating this tribute to Niki, and saying thank you for each and every post and hope that you continue. I keep telling you to write a book. Save the first autographed copy for me.
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  • final_t
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    Hear hear! Like you, been sayin' to make a book for a while now, too!
    Also realize that English is not his native language, and for those of us with first & second hand experience, that makes it even more impressive!


    • Uncle Cracker
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      • May 2007
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      Well said, C-Man...


      • Tequila
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        • Aug 2004
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        Well put. Niki has definitely been a wonderful addition to this site.


        • jhart
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          • Feb 2004
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          Good post C-man. Been thinking pretty much what you described for some time. Not all of Niki's stuff is of direct interest to me, but I'm always amazed at how well it's laid out and photographed.
          What I have been really thinking about is that there should be a special post "Best of Niki" similar to what was done for Rod's shop series under best of forum.
          Is that something the moderators do or how would we go about it?
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          • ragswl4
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            • Jan 2007
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            Excellent post C-Man. Niki's work is tops and the time he spends on it is tremendous. Documenting his processes to produce his jigs takes more time than any of us can imagine and all of it to help others. Great guy, great work and always something useful.
            Raggy and Me in San Felipe


            • Bruce Cohen
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              • May 2003
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              Hey Cab,

              You just proved that not all SF guys are blood thirsty mindless dolts

              Nice remarks, and this is what this forum is all about any why its so great.

              "Western civilization didn't make all men equal,
              Samuel Colt did"


              • footprintsinconc
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                • Nov 2006
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                eloquently put CB! his work is amazing, and no doubt the time he puts into everything for us. that is why THIS is the only site i visit. the people here are like a family. and the exception family members should be recognized. thanks for the thread!

                this is the reason why at tone time, i suggested that his post should go into the tutorial sections. he literally shows you how to build from scratch.

                niki, i'll take the 2nd autographed copy.


                • niki
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                  • Nov 2006
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                  Thank you so much Cabinetman

                  I met Cabinetman, long time ago on other, smaller forum and he was almost the only one that replied to my posts there.

                  One of the jigs is actually the idea of Cabinetman...
                  When I posted the "Feather board - Feather rollers", Cabinetman asked "and what about Hold down rollers" and that how the idea of the Hold-down rollers was born.
                  I use the hold-down rollers almost for every rip cut and every time they remind me that Cabinetman was actually the inventor and I thank him every time I use them...so easy to push even 6~8' boards without even looking, I know that the board is kept on the fence...

                  Yes, it takes some time to prepare a post but knowing that it will help even one person and your so kind replies, turns it from work, to pleasure...

                  Many pics of my first post disappeared together with my Photobucket album...I assume that most of you saw them but if somebody want's to see the missing pics, just tell me, by PM or directly on the post and I will re-load the pics.

                  I would like to thank all the forum members for the so kind comments to my posts, it's a real pleasure to be here.

                  Best Regards


                  • TheRic
                    • Jun 2004
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                    Keep up the great work Niki. Always look forward to your new one of your new jigs, ways of doing things.

                    Plan for the worst, hope for the best!


                    • gerti
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                      • Dec 2003
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                      • Minnetonka, MN, USA.
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                      I have picked up many ideas from your posts, Niki, so CM is right: you deserve a big thank you!


                      • ironhat
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                        • Aug 2004
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                        • Ridgid 3650 (can I still play here?)

                        I don't know anyone who hasn't been impressed and helped by Nikki's posts. A big "Thanks Nikki" for taking you time to such a great job of clear presentations. Also, a big thanks to CM for doing the right thing and bringing what we already knew to the forefront. Sometimes we need someone to step forward and say (or post) what we're all thinking. So, a second thanks to CM for originating the post!


                        • Ed62
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                          • Oct 2006
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                          This is an excellent thread, C-Man. Nikki deserves all the "attaboys" one person can get. His ideas are excellent, and his presentation of "how to do it" leave nothing to be desired. His ideas are something that make the job easier, safer, faster, and easier on the wallet.These are things we all welcome.

                          Do you know about kickback? Ray has a good writeup here... https://www.sawdustzone.org/articles...mare-explained

                          For a kickback demonstration video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/910584...demonstration/


                          • radhak
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                            • Apr 2006
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                            A very 'thanksgiving' thread, neat.

                            I have subscribed to a bunch of Niki's threads, makes it easier to refer to them; by now he knows, as I've requested him to fix the pictures for some of those. Thanks again, Niki - for your ingenuity, and for the effort you put in presenting it to us.

                            And now that reminded me of the Hold-down thread, need to add that too : which means you'd be getting more PMs for thread-pictures, Niki .
                            It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
                            - Aristotle


                            • rja
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                              Your posts are AMAZING! Your approach to shop problems is simple and elegant. You really should publish a book on your jigs and fixtures.