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  • Bosch CM10GD Sliding Miter Saw

    I have had several good encounters with the CPO Bosch web site and decided to look there first for a new compound miter saw. I noticed that the Bosch #CM10GD was available as reconditioned item at $499. Yes, I know that is a chunk of money but I want quality and not at the green line of tools price. I have purchased a few reconditioned Bosch items in the past and been happy with the results.

    Now that I have an idea what I want I am off the reading everything I can about that particular model. There are many good reviews and nothing negative. The saw has an option for using like a typical chop saw or switching to cutting wider stock. Dust collection is good without suction and even better with it. No Laser guide but my old Hitachi did not have one until I added a Laser washer because it was on clearance at Home Depot.

    This saw is one with the Axial-Glide™ system instead of the typical rolling tubes and it is reported to have less sideways deflection at maximum extension as a result. It is heavy but, hauling it around is not in my future as it will be a shop tool.

    The Bosch saw arrived and the UPS man said the box was 78 pounds so, I was ready with a dolly to move the beast. The saw was packaged poorly but, recall this is a refurbished model. Out of the box and on to the portable stand I had used before. There appears to be zero signs of any use. My first reaction to this tool is that it is very rugged.

    First thing was to change the blade to the 80 tooth I had then, I went through the adjustment and alignment process. The blade was square with the fence and had no run out in the maximum width position. In fact, the deflection of the head at the maximum extended length is not noticeable. The provided 4/6 mm Allen wrench was used for most of the adjustments and it stores on the base. I did adjust the tension on the miter table lock with a 17 mm socket as I thought it was a little hard to operate. Other than that it was recommended that you add a little drag to the sliding mechanism, with an adjustment, to give some tactile feel to the slide.

    The miter detent system and override are a nice touch. I also have never had a left/right bevel and that option will be handy. In the past I have had to go through contortions for some cuts because my home built long stock support is only on the left due to space considerations. That support was redesigned better because the base of this saw takes up more space.

    On my trial cuts the saw was right on with one exception I will need to study. When used as a chop saw the cut had a small crown toward the fence side. I revisited this and could not reproduce the issue. The first time around I was using a small piece of plywood that had minimal fence contact. On the second try I used a larger piece and the chop cut was dead on square.

    The dust collection is adequate without suction. The bag catches most of the saw dust with small amounts flying off to the right front. Not much different from the former Hitachi. When I get into a volume of cutting I usually hook up the vacuum and will do the same with this saw. I tried this and used a 11/2" piece of PVC sink drain pipe to connect my vacuum to the dust elbow with a small bungee to hold them together.

    This saw is definitely a keeper. On top of the items I wanted in a sliding saw there are some nice additions such as the large fence system with sliding upper fence sections, the option to use as a chop saw, large stable base, good detent system with override for tweaking and a solid table lock mechanism that does not distort the table when engaged. I took the Laser washer off the Hitachi and it works perfect on this saw.

    • poolhound
      poolhound commented
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      I have the same saw and have had it operational for 2 weeks now. I have yet to do any accuracy testing but so far I love it. I will add further to your review when I have had a chance to play with it more.

    • Neal
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      Thanks for sharing. When I go to replace my Old Craftsman miter saw, the Bosch axial glide saw is on my list. I have to admit though, I'm leaning towards the 12" model.
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