Ridgid 18v Cordless Drill Driver and Impact Driver combo


  • Ridgid 18v Cordless Drill Driver and Impact Driver combo

    Hi there,

    Back in 2010 my wife insisted we install mirrored doors in both our master bathroom, and my daughters bedroom. At that time I owned a Skil 14.4v drill driver that was on it's last legs and would no longer hold a charge. So I donated that to Goodwill, and set about finding myself a new updated drill driver system.
    I went to Lowes and picked out a Porter Cable 18v Drill Driver with two Lithium-Ion batteries and a charger. I have other Porter Cable tools so I felt confident in the brand. To make a long story short here, while the PC drill driver was great when it worked, a few short weeks when I went to go use it again, I discovered one of the Lithium batteries was dead. Would not hold a charge at all! I returned to Lowes, but they wouldn't entertain me at all and insisted I contact a Service Provider. I did and the battery was replaced under warranty.

    Because I am not a professional handyman, and don't use my tools everyday, this drill driver was not constantly used. Each time I went to use them they had to be re-charged up and in no time at all, both batteries went dead and wouldn't hold a charge.
    So I approached the Service Provider again and pleaded my case as my two year warranty on the batteries was expired by just two days!! They just laughed me out the door! A lesson learned the hard way concerning cordless tools in general!

    So now I find myself in need of a new cordless system as I have just got myself a new Toyota truck and also have started to work on my woodwork more so than ever. It seemed no matter what task I put my hands to, either on the truck, or at the table saw or on the bench, I am in constant need of a screwdriver or a wrench to open bolts etc... This time around I did a little research. A pal of mine who knew of my irritation with cordless tools and dead batteries, suggested I go look at a tool combo at Home Depot made by Ridgid. I reluctantly went in to see the combo he was referring to. It was a Ridgid two tool Drill driver and Impact driver 18v Lithium-Ion with a dual chemistry charger for $179. What I didn't realize, was that Ridgid is the only company that offers a Lifetime Service Agreement with all of the components. Tool, Charger, Batteries and all! As long as you register all of the tools and follow every step of the procedure it is a simple case of returning any item and getting it replaced for life.
    So I decided to pull the trigger. I payed my $179 and I have to say I am not only delighted, but very surprised at how good these tools do what they were intended for. Everything from the led light that is pointed right at the bit and work, to the comfortable handle and grip. I love how the chuck easily closes on the bit and clicks to a stop, and then doesn't move when you try to drill holes! A clutch is also included in the design.
    The batteries have an onboard power gauge, invaluable to keep you informed. They also slide and lock into place very easily. It weighs about the same as many other tools of it's like. The charger sits either upright or laid flat, and works with both Ni-Cd or Lithium-Ion batteries. It contains clear simple markings that inform of the current state of the battery.
    I have used the drill driver for nearly six weeks now and have only charged it up twice, using it at least once a week. Each time it took under an hour to fully charge the dead 18v battery.

    Recently a pal of mine next door was trying to open bolts on a brake caliper under his car in the driveway and asked could he use the Impact driver to open them. I obliged and sure enough it powered through all the bolts (8) in no time and with minimal effort. He was impressed, I was impressed, and then I told him about the Service Agreement.

    I am currently working on building a sub base for a garden shed that needs to sit upright and level. So I am building a taper jig after seeing some of the great jigs here on the site. I can't tell you how many times I have used the new drill driver to insert and remove screws and drill holes whenever needed. The new Ridgid 18v drill driver is so comfortable and easy to use I would gladly recommend it to all who have been burned in the past with cordless tools and batteries. I will of course return later with any negative surprises that happen to arise. For now though after nearly a month and a half or more of use, I am very happy with this investment. The only addition to it that I recommend would be a set of 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive adapters to allow you to use sockets with it. I found a great set at HF for around $3.99.

    Forgive me for the long story, but I wanted to make it known that I had been burned with this type of tool in the past.
    I am including the link to the specific tool combo below.

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