Grizzly G0572 Hanging Air Filter w/ remote initial impressions.


  • Grizzly G0572 Hanging Air Filter w/ remote initial impressions.

    NOTICE: I had posted this review on another forum (Lumberjocks). This is a copy / paste of that review that I had authored there. Full text of the original review follows.

    For starters, I am not claiming this is an all inclusive review, but rather this is an initial impressions write up for the Grizzly G0572 Hanging Air Filter w/ remote.

    I have been watching price tags on these machines for quite some time now, and had considered the smaller Jet, Penn State, Delta, even Harbor Freight models, and had been put off by either the price tag, or the features. The G0572 had the CFM I was looking for, and was on sale for a price tag I was willing to spend. For the summer 2010 sale pricing on the G0572 was at $219.99, after shipping, and oversize fees came in at a $238.00 and change…

    My order was placed on August 20, and I was promptly notified of the back order status of the product. I had opted to wait for back ordered items, so wait I did. September 3rd I was notified the item was in stock, and had shipped via UPS, and I was given a tracking number. Using the tracking number, I was able to track its 10 day voyage from Washington state, all the way to my little town in Texas.

    Last night, I found my air filter dutifully waiting at my front door. The box it shipped in was beat up pretty badly, and I was deeply concerned with the condition of the unit. So I promptly unpacked it.

    Opening the box revealed 2 things. #1. This is VERY MUCH a Chinese made product, in that it reeks of cosmoline. That’s okay, I actually found none on the item, it just smells like it. From experience I know that smell will dissipate quickly when exposed to air.

    The second thing I noted is that the packaging for this machine is incredibly poor. Just a cardboard box, a 3/4” foam block sort of thing around each end of the machine, and some ziplock bags for the small parts. The small parts bags were up against the outlet grate of the machine.

    Poorly packaged as it was, and beaten up as the box was, I was astonished to find no dents, or scratches in the machine, or its accessories. The paint finish on the machine is quite good and consistent. The welds were all secure, and the seams appeared to be well sealed.

    The outlet grate had a big plastic STOP sign zip tied to it warning of internal foam packaging blocks used to prevent damage during shipment. Sure enough, upon removing the filters, both blocks could easily be seen. The blocks looked as if they were simply chunks of packaging from something else hand torn and jammed in place.

    Looking at the internals of the machine, it all appeared to be well built, the secondary filter had a good foam gasket to provide a seal against blowby, so that all the air going through the machine MUST go through the secondary filter.

    My intention for this machine, is to mount it HIGH and TIGHT up against my ceiling, so the eye bolts won’t do the trick. My plan is to use a 3/4” plywood mount board screwed tightly to the ceiling joists to provide solid mounting surface for the machine. So I had to use the provided S brackets. The S brackets were simple steel pieces with 2 threaded, and 1 unthreaded hole, bent into a sort of S or Z ish shsape. The bends were not exactly square on any of them, and appear to have been hand done with pliers instead of made with a sheet metal brake. HOWEVER, aside from the incredibly poor packaging, this was the only fault I could find with the machine itself.

    Lastly, I installed the batteries in the remote, plugged the machine in, and tested to see if it would come on, and go between speeds etc…

    Even on the highest speed, moving a LOT of air, this machine is reasonably quiet. I mean any machine moving over 1K CFM of air is going to make some noise, but I was amazed at how little noise it made at full tilt…

    I presently have no way of testing particle counts unless somebody in Houston wants to loan my a Dylos counter, then i can perform some testing. However I will say this, IF the filter media is half as good as the MFG claims, then this unit has no choice but to filter out sufficient volumes of air for my garage workshop.

    Overall, the machine dimensions are a bit large for my shop with 8’ 6” ceilings, but mounted up, it should still be sufficiently far enough off the ground as to not pose any problems with head room, and it will be mounted out of the way so that no long stock can come into contact with it.

    So far I am pleased with the machine, I am however giving the initial review 4 instead of 5 stars due to the very poor job of packaging on this, and the poorly made brackets. As well made as the overall machine appears to be, these 2 flaws stand out like a sore thumb… And while the funky brackets are more of an aesthetic issue than anything else, I strongly encourage Grizzly to improve the packaging of this machine, the fact that mine doesn’t look like it tumbled down the Grand Canyon is from, well take your pick, sheer dumb luck, or miraculous…
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