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  • A Cure for the Shim Problem on the Ryobi BT3000

    A Cure for the Shim Problem on the Ryobi BT3000

    Originally written by Norm Havens and re-posted here.

    Editor's Note: The site where this article appeared originally is now gone. I had this article saved as a .pdf file from years ago and resurrected the article from that.

    December 3, 2000 I must be totally star-crossed this week . . .

    "Trouble comes in threes," didn't someone say? This week I've already dinged the blades of my new planer, nearly dropped my router from the accessory table, and now...
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  • McConnel - Lost Shop Tour?

    McConnel - Lost Shop Tour?

    While digging through the old site files, I ran across this PDF file that had no information other than a number of pictures. The file title was McConnell.pdf I can't find any reference to it on the site....
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  • CBN Wheels - making Tormek Obsolete?

    CBN Wheels - making Tormek Obsolete?

    CBN grinders; Are They Making Tormek Obsolete?

    That might seem like a bold statement, but my 20 minutes of use of the CBN wheels accomplished more than a couple of hours did on my Grizzly “Tormek” knock-off. I do know that the Tormek has MUCH better wheel than the Grizzly, but the problem with both is the speed - SLOW.

    Explanation for those not familiar with good grinding systems:
    Most bench grinders come in either of two speeds 1500 RPM (or 2000) or 3500...
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  • Festool Domino Settings for Evenly Spaced Mortises

    Festool Domino Settings for Evenly Spaced Mortises

    I was in the shop this weekend and was trying to figure out the math for the settings on the Festool Domino to space the mortices evenly and centered across a cabinet front to back. After a bunch of trial and error with my math, I gave up and got close enough and cut the Domino slots for most of the cabinets before my shop time ran out. It was still bugging me, so I figured it out on the plane on the way to work.

    Very simply, we need to subtract the width of all mortises created from...
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  • A Review of the Sommerfeld Router Table and Fence

    A Review of the Sommerfeld Router Table and Fence

    Over the years, I’ve had multiple router tables. Everything from a small aluminum Craftsman benchtop model, to the router mount on my BT3000, to a custom built version in my old ultimate tool stand and another custom built one in the wide table of my saw. In every case there was something missing or just not quite up to par. The Sommerfeld table and fence change all that and meet nearly all my criteria....
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  • Katana Edge Band Set from MLCS

    Katana Edge Band Set from MLCS

    The setup for both bits in the set took some time to get right, but once set up properly the bits made mostly clean cuts. The reasoning behind the bearing placement on the bit set escapes me but all in all, the set performed well and functioned as advertised. ...
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  • Model making And wood work.

    Model making And wood work.

    To stay relevant in a Craft one only needs to make the most of his or her talents. The minds eye interprets the drawing the will of the crafts person takes the leap of faith. This is my 5th attempt at the model....

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  • Model making And wood work.

    Model making And wood work.

    My instalment this week is just an idea. Many of the replicas I make are of civilian but I think this could interest even the most die hard framers. Some of you may have seen this team at one time or another. My idea is to hand a trio or more from a stand on the celling. I'll post later got some honey do's to do.... ...
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  • FlashCell cordless battery-less power screwdriver Review

    FlashCell cordless battery-less power screwdriver Review

    I have owned a Coleman Flashcell screwdriver since about 2009. it does not replace the drill driver (Craftsman 19.2V C3 drill driver with lithium ion cells and clutch) but it replaces small powered screwdrivers for doing repetitive screw driving. The no longer sell them and haven't for several years. I've been wanting one to have handy in the garage shop or house rather than running back and forth.

    The advantage of a cordless, batteryless driver is that it uses a supercapacitor to drive...
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  • HF Silver & Deming Drill Bits

    HF Silver & Deming Drill Bits

    In a recent shop project to make a lathe chuck / center organizer, I needed to drill some holes to accommodate the MT2 shanks of my live centers and drill chucks. For my purposes (a nice snug fit at a certain height), I needed 11/16 holes. None of my forstner bits (also HF) were this size. For some threaded spur center inserts, I needed 9/16 holes. No love there among the forstners either.

    So I found this set of the Silver and Deming bits at HF: http://www.harborfreight.com/s...
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  • Shopmade sanding blocks

    Shopmade sanding blocks

    Whilst cleaning up I found an old BT3central post by ejs1097 I printed out from a while back. I had forgotten about it.

    I made some changes and whipped out a few in a couple of evenings.
    What I liked about them was they hold the sandpaper tight and snug, the bought ones the paper works loose and sags and gets caught and tears.
    Also easy and cheap. Also has a square end for sanding into corners and a radius to do curves. I did modify the block so it used thicker stock...
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    Last edited by LCHIEN; 06-28-2022, 01:54 AM.

  • Dremel vac operated Rotary tool

    Dremel vac operated Rotary tool

    I saw this and Lowes has it for $30 and for some reason Amazon has it for $44, so I bought on a whim but its not a winner. The promise was a rotary tool and vacuum tool that cleared the debris as say you were engraving or grinding. It has the blue ring you turn to adjust that allows some vacuum to bypass and thus control speed. It has a few accessories and a clear guide for flat work. It fits most all dremel bits that are 1/8" diameter shank. In reality the RPMs were low (I measured 15,000 with...
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  • Facebook Connection

    Facebook Connection

    The site is now integrated with Facebook. You have the option to connect your facebook account with the SawdustZone site which allows you to share posts here with your Facebook friends. The integration is completely optional and can be turned on or off. Note that Facebook cannot post to our site, but you can share almost anything here with Facebook. To link your account to Facebook, click on the connect icon in the header and log in to your Facebook account. A popup will appear for you to log ...
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  • The Sawdust Foundation 501(c)(3) Information

    The Sawdust Foundation 501(c)(3) Information

    The Sawdust Foundation, Inc. which runs the SawdustZone website is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as an exempt organization under internal revenue code section 501(c)(3) and has been classified as a Public Charity under section 509(a)(2). The effective date of our exemption and classification is 2015-June-16. Unfortunately any contributions made prior to this date are not deductible. The content on the site is openly available to all whether you are a financial contributor or not and ...
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  • The Sawdust Foundation Annual Report 2015

    The Sawdust Foundation Annual Report 2015

    This week, the SawdustZone administrators held the first annual meeting. A summary follows.

    Financial Update
    You may have noticed we haven't had a fund drive in a while. We are not only solvent, but have an operating buffer and a little room for some enhancements

    The cost savings implemented when the server was moved in October 2012 from Windows to Linux were significant.
    The current balance between membership, advertising, and affil...
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  • How to identify a Ryobi BT3000/BT3100/Craftsman 22811 or 21829 clone saw by sight
    by LCHIEN
    So you want to buy a BT3 clone. Been out of production for a while. Shopping on Craigs list or for sale ads is hard

    You have to keep an eye out and you have to be used to spotting the appearance giveaway features of the various models... Ryobi BT3000, BT3100, Craftsman 22811 and 21829
    There are certain things that clue you in and there are many ads that don't give model numbers and have crappy photos. Search for keywords RYOBI, Precision, System are often used i ad listings and
    12-20-2022, 01:53 AM
  • Screw friction products EZ-Grip and Screw Grab?
    by LCHIEN
    I was reading an article about fasteners the other day.
    They mentioned a couple of products I had not heard of before:

    EZ-grip and Screw Grab

    Apparently if you have a screw that you have a hard time engaging like a worn Phillips, a drop of these products will increase the friction between the screw and the driver 8X it is claimed so that you can back out the screw.

    You can find them both at Amazon.
    Not cheap 5 oz of EZ-GRIP is $20; 1/2 oz of Screw...
    04-07-2022, 10:58 AM

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