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  • Another Polyethylene Featherboard

    Another Polyethylene Featherboard

    Originally Posted by Don Hart in the category Fence Attachments

    This is the second featherboard I have designed to be made out of a Polyethylene cutting board. The first one was large and used almost the entire cutting board and was designed to mount on the SMT. This one uses less than 1⁄4 of the cutting board and is designed to be able to be mounted to fences of in the miter slot with a Polyethylene slot holder. ...
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  • Attaching Jigs To The SMT

    Attaching Jigs To The SMT

    Originally Posted by Mike Stallard in the category BT3000 Modifications & Enhancements

    Attaching jigs to the SMT by Mike Stallard One of my favorite features of the Ryobi BT3X00 table saw is the sliding miter table. I particularly like the abilities to quickly and accurately square the crosscut fence to the blade, and to securely attach the fence to the table so I don't have to worry about the fence slipping. I like to include both these features in jigs I build in the shop for the SMT, even jigs that do not attach to the crosscut fence. Below is a fairly simple method for attaching and aligning jigs to take advantage of these features. Of course, once the jig is mounted so that the flip-up squaring tab works, it can be rotated to different angles using the miter angle marks just like the crosscut fence. ...
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  • BT3000 Rear Fence Clamp Replacement

    BT3000 Rear Fence Clamp Replacement

    Originally Posted by Martin Call in the category BT3000 Maintainence & Repair BT3000 Rear Fence Clamp Replacement ...
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  • Lonnie's No Measure Alignment procedure

    Lonnie's No Measure Alignment procedure

    Hi Guys - I haven't been on the forum much lately ... I bought a '55 MGTF-1500 that is taking up space, time, and money that is(was) used by my woodworking shop. The car has a wood frame beneith the body panels, so I guess it counts as woodworking. Thanks for resurrecting my No-Measure alignment thread. I see that it has lost some of the attachments. So I reposted it below. Note - there are a lot of good ways to adjust a BT3K or any other table saw. This is the one that I found is best for...
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  • Potassium dichromate: chemically coloring wood

    Potassium dichromate: chemically coloring wood

    The question comes up occasionally about using chemicals to change the color of wood. Usually the desired result is the color of aged wood--cherry and mahogany come immediately to mind as woods that develop rich, lustrous color when they are aged. Aging is free, but it's slow, and we're impatient woodworkers here in the 21st century. Dye stains can darken cherry or mahogany quickly, but the wood beneath the dye does continue to darken with age, and you can wind up with a darker piece than you re...
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  • Grizzly H7665 21 Framing Nailer

    Grizzly H7665 21 Framing Nailer

    Since I was in need of a framing nailer for a small project I searched out value priced tools. http://www.bt3central.com/showthread.php?t=28648 After mulling over the options I settled on the Grizzly H7665, $99.95 plus tax and shipping the package arrived at my doorstep on the projected date via UPS. I first read the small short owner's manual, replaced the air inlet to fit the long Lincoln that all my other air tools use. I then followed the directions on testing the nailer. At the manufacturing...
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  • Triton Respirator

    Triton Respirator

    The Triton Respirator is a whole head respirator that will benefit many people with dust and fume allergies and who work with dangerous fumes on occasion. I am not a professional and I don't think this is geared for the professional daily user. It should work great for most home and home shop users. WHAT I LIKED AND NOTICED IMMEDIATELY: 1. FIT: It adjusts well and fits well. The face mask opens easily and stays up when open and stays shut when closed. I have not had fumes or dust leak in so fa...
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  • 3M Prograde Precision flexible sanding sheets

    3M Prograde Precision flexible sanding sheets

    I gave this a shot from a local retailer the other day

    http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3...293390692&rt=d. The product itself seems very well made. The abrasive is tight to the backing and shows no sign of flaking off as others do. I used 320 and found it to cut very well. I would actually say the 320 cut better than the red Diablo 220g from the BORG. The actual back...
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  • How to drill perfectly placed hole into outside corner
    by LCHIEN
    Trying to drill into a outside 90 degree corner, 45 to each side, is tough, the drill bit keeps wanting to walk off.
    You can whack a small flat on the corner.
    But here is a way I did it perfectly. Using this corner drill jig

    Using the drilling jig, One hand is enough to hold the jig while drilling. The small board touching the top of the jig is my measurement stick. I use that to set the precise reproducible location of the hole relative to the top of the workpiece....
    04-26-2024, 10:41 PM
  • BT3000/3100 Featherboard using SMT
    by LCHIEN
    Here's how I do my Featherboard operations. As you know, Featherboards are spring boards meant to hold the workpiece against the fence snugly to ensure accurate rips while freeing both your hands for hand over hand and push stick smooth, even feeding of the workpiece to avoid burning and sawmarks.

    The Feather board is the classic one that they suggest you make.... Mine was made 20+ years ago, apparently a 1x4 piece of pine wood with one end cut at 30 degrees. 15-16 inches long 3 to...
    04-15-2024, 06:19 PM
  • BT3000/BT3100 Belly pan easy dust collection
    by LCHIEN
    I made a belly pan dust collection for my BT3000, using a commercially available, cheap dust pan from one of the woodworking supply houses with a 4" hose fitting.

    It seems to work effectively very simple DC belly pan under BT3000. Not tightly fitting I wanted to allow air in to carry the dust to the DC, pulling on a closed cabinet is not a good idea. So the plywood sits on the stand, not screwed down or anything. So there's air coming in thru the ends and the Shroud dust port arc....
    03-16-2024, 04:37 PM
  • BT3000/BT3100 rip fence and miter fence stop block
    by LCHIEN

    With the small t-nut for the front of the rip fence and miter fence, I made a new stop block that can be used on both

    When used on the rip fence , it can set a stop for cross cutting fixed lengths off a piece against the miter fence without risking a kickback from continuous...
    02-17-2024, 01:43 AM
  • Small T-Nut for the Left side of Rip Fence and Front of Miter Fence on BT3x saws.
    by LCHIEN
    Small T-nut for the left side of BT3 rip fence or front of miter fence (Article Version)

    11-30-2023, 04:00 PM
    I have found a perfect T-nut for the front of the BT3 miter fence and for the left side of the rip fence (same extrusion used both places)

    Its actually a weld nut, but fits the T-slot described above.

    Weld Nut: #10-24 Thread, Tab, 1/32 in Base Ht, 3/8 in Base Wd, 5/8 in Base Lg, Steel, 50 PK
    Item 1LAJ3 Mfr. Model 1LAJ3​ (WW Graingers)...
    12-07-2023, 12:19 AM
  • Special DIY T-bolt for BT3000 Miter Fence, Rip Fence and Rails
    by LCHIEN
    After a bit more thinking, some universal T-bolts for the rip miter fence make more sense than fixture blocks.
    The two big slots in the rip fence and the miter fence and the front and rear rails are sized to take 1.00 inches wide x 1/8th and 1-1/8" wide x 1/8th.

    So I took some 1/8th flat Aluminum 1.00 inches wide and cut 1-1/8" long to make a 1" x 1-1/8" rectangular plates; I used a short rip fence Block to space the length but not cause a kickback with the...
    07-09-2023, 02:37 PM

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