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  • Jasper Circle Guide for routers

    Jasper Circle Guide for routers

    I asked in the Tool Talk forum and at an Audio DIY forum about the best way to route nice circles for building speakers. Got some great replies and saw some honest ingenuity and home made jigs to accomplish this task. A few guys mentioned this Jasper Circle Guide and I purchased it at Parts Express. Set it up in no time and was cutting perfect circles up to 18" with no fuss and no fancy adjustments between size switches. Place your material on a backer, drill a 1/8" hole in the center through a...
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  • GMC $39.95 Router Kit

    GMC $39.95 Router Kit

    Wasn't sure where to put this but wanted to be sure it was seen. I purchased this at the bottom price of $39.95. There was at least one post on the forum that cited a problem with the bit rising and falling when the router was turned on. I wanted to be sure that mine did not have this feature. I guess I am satisfied with the purchase, but only because it was inexpensive. Had I paid full price I would certainly return this tool. Setting bit height is not very smooth and the scale to do this...
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  • BT3K Shim Replacement

    BT3K Shim Replacement

    Since it seems time for my semi-annual maintenance and due to several posts asking how to lately I deciced to take pictures during mine. Keep in mind this is specifically for the BT3000 only.

    Step 1: double un-plug saw at outlet and onboard outlet. Remove throat plate, Sharkguard, Big dog clamp, and splitter (or the stock POS []). Remove blade and spacers.

    Step 2: remove left side cover and dust shroud.

    Step 3: remove the four...
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  • All About The World Of Clamps

    All About The World Of Clamps

    *I will be updating this over the next few weeks with additional clamps such as the newer ratcheting style spring clamps, etc.

    Outline of issues addressed in order:
    • What types of Clamps are there?
    • How many Clamps do I need?
    • What is an F-Clamp? What is a Bar Clamp?
    • What is a Parallel Clamp, Parallel Jaw Clamp, “K-Body”, “Cabinet Master”, “Bessey”?
    • What is a pipe Clamp? What is a "Pony" clamp?
    • What is an Aluminum Bar Clamp?
    • What is a Steel Bar Clamp ? What is an
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  • Edge jointing large stock with a router.

    Edge jointing large stock with a router.

    There has been much discussion about how to joint with a router. The often made assumption is that one does not have a jointer, thus requires use of a router for this task. I do have a jointer, but still edge joint with a router for long boards. I find it easier to control, and sometimes quicker. Moving large or long stock over a 6" jointer isn't always an accurate process. My method involves 4 items. - A router - doesn't really matter what one, but runnout is a concern here. - A flush trim ro...
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  • Frued LU88R010

    Frued LU88R010

    Purchased this blade 2 weeks ago when Amazon had them reduced. While I can't compare to a WoodWorker II, the blade performs very good for me. I recently ripped some 1" curly maple, paduak and tiger wood with no chattering, binding, burning and nearly no saw marks. It cuts through these woods like butter and crosscutting is even better. Absolutely no tear out (slowed down near the end). I was having a some problems with burning, especially with the padauk prior to intalling this blade. The ripping...
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  • Mortise and Loose Tenon video w/ plunge router.

    Mortise and Loose Tenon video w/ plunge router.

    Mortise and tenon is a hallmark of craftsmanship, but it doesn't have to be painful. This type of joint can be made easily with no "special" equipment, such as a mortiser, or a tenoning jig. There are as many ways to do M&T as there are to skin a cat ( I suppose, never skinned a cat though ). My personal favorite is mortise and loose tenon with my bosch plunge router. Mortise and loose tenon VS traditional mortise and tenon: The difference between these two joints is that with a loose te...
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  • Powermatic's PM2000

    Powermatic's PM2000

    I was lucky enough to get a pm2000 for christmas, and it's been an interesting upgrade, to say the least. The good: This saw is powerful, cutting through 3" red oak without any trouble. I've ripped, cross-cut and taper cut that stock for a table project I've been doing. The built in casters are a nice feature, nicer than a mobile base, as they retract entirely leaving the saw very stable. The riving knife design is truly inspired. The entire mechanism can be removed to allow for a cross cu...
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  • Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000

    Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000

    Drill Powered Drum Sander for BT3000 Designed by Jim Frye This setup is based on an old Portalign drill accessory and a 3/4” plywood router mounting plate. The Portalign is a useful little gadget, but adding the router plate gave it added stability. I didn’t have a drill press when I put this together, so this rig allowed me to sand curves in wood with better control than hand sanding. I routed a 1/2” deep recess in the under side of the plate to receive the Portalign base and used the two mounting holes in the base to secure it to the plate with flat head machine screws and nuts. Using the Portalign’s depth stop as a height adjuster, you can set the height of the sanding drum relative to the BT3K table. Note the four steel washers epoxied to the underside of the mounting plate to provide crush protection when the plate is bolted to the BT3K table. I believe the Portalign is no longer marketed, but Wolfcraft makes a modified version of a drill guide. ...
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  • Ryobi BTS15 Operator's Manual

    Ryobi BTS15 Operator's Manual

    This is an Adobe PDF file that contains the English language version of the BTS15 Operator's Manual. WARNING: This file is 1.16MB and will take a while to download over slow connections. I highly recommend right-clicking the "Download" button below and select "Save As…"

    BTS 15 Manual:
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  • Making a Polyethylene Featherboard

    Making a Polyethylene Featherboard

    Originally Posted by Don Hart in the category Fence Attachments Making a polyethylene featherboard By Don Hart You may have seen those plastic featherboards that are sold commercially at places like Woodworkers Warehouse or one of the online suppliers. They usually start at about $15 and the prices just go up from there. ...
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  • Articulated Dust Port Cover For the Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw

    Articulated Dust Port Cover For the Ryobi BT3000 Table Saw

    This accessory for the BT3000 (BT3K) is intended to complete the process to enclose the cabinet of the BT3K. The purpose of this exercise is twofold. First, by closing up as many of the large openings in the cabinet as possible, better dust extraction can be done within the shrouded blade area. This should also help keep dust out of the motor. Secondly, the more openings in that are closed, the less noise should escape and thus make the saw quieter to operate. The first part of this exercise was undertaken by creating a “belly pan” to close off the bottom of the cabinet and to collect any dust that didn’t get collected via the saw’s dust port. At that time, the triangular openings in the top front and rear of the cabinet were closed off and the vent slots on the left side of the cabinet were closed as well. This cover project will close off the remaining large opening leaving just the motor vent on the right side of the cabinet, the slot in the throat plate, and the crescent shaped slot in the front of the cabinet that the tilt/elevation hand wheel operates in....
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  • SMT Mounted Tenon Jig

    SMT Mounted Tenon Jig

    SMT Mounted Tenon Jig
    By Mark “Black Walnut” Stripes

    Since the Ryobi BT3 series of table saws does not have a miter slot users are forced to make their own tenon jigs. While building the first prototype I decided that the best way to make it move laterally was to attach it to the SMT using the front t-slot. This jig features micro-adjustment as well as adjustments for different angled tenons. ...
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  • Making a friction holder for miter slots

    Making a friction holder for miter slots

    Originally Posted by Don Hart in the category Fence Attachments

    We have all seen those holders made of plastic that when tightened expand and hold in the miter slot by friction. We the following instructions are how to easily make them yourself. These can be used for many purposed from holding a featherboard to holding a jig or anything else you can think of. ...
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  • Ryobi Micropositioner Manual

    Ryobi Micropositioner Manual

    This is an Adobe PDF file that contains the English language version of the

    Robyi RapidSet Micropositioner Device manual.

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  • Special DIY T-bolt for BT3000 Miter Fence, Rip Fence and Rails
    by LCHIEN
    After a bit more thinking, some universal T-bolts for the rip miter fence make more sense than fixture blocks.
    The two big slots in the rip fence and the miter fence and the front and rear rails are sized to take 1.00 inches wide x 1/8th and 1-1/8" wide x 1/8th.

    So I took some 1/8th flat Aluminum 1.00 inches wide and cut 1-1/8" long to make a 1: x 1-1/8" rectangular plates; I used a short rip fence Block to space the length but not cause a kickback with the cutoff...
    07-09-2023, 02:37 PM
  • How to make a BT3x00 Rip Fence/Miter Fence fixture block for mounting jigs
    by LCHIEN

    DIY BT3000 FIXTURE BLOCK for Rip/Miter Fence extrusion

    Simple shop construction - no machining.

    This is intended to fit the top T-track on the Rip and miter fence (uses the same extrusion) on the Ryobi BT3x00 / Craftsman 22811 family of saws
    You must make the Block and Base parts; you can make them 1.5" or 3 inches long or modify to any other length.
    Make the base from 1/8” aluminum bar, you can get 1.5”, 2”, and 3” at Lowes...
    05-24-2023, 09:55 PM
  • Another Thin Strip Jig
    by twistsol
    Ripping thin strips can be accomplished in a number of ways, but this jig is the best I've found so far.

    • There is no need to move the fence so every strip comes out exactly the same.
    • It is incredibly easy to build
    • It keeps your hands well away from the blade the whole time
    • It keeps control of the strip you are ripping all the way through the cut and past the blade
    • It doesn't interfere with the blade guard.
    • You can cut strips from any length of stock
    In the starting position,...
    04-16-2023, 10:42 AM
  • How to identify a Ryobi BT3000/BT3100/Craftsman 22811 or 21829 clone saw by sight
    by LCHIEN
    So you want to buy a BT3 clone. Been out of production for a while. Shopping on Craigs list or for sale ads is hard

    You have to keep an eye out and you have to be used to spotting the appearance giveaway features of the various models... Ryobi BT3000, BT3100, Craftsman 22811 and 21829
    There are certain things that clue you in and there are many ads that don't give model numbers and have crappy photos. Search for keywords RYOBI, Precision, System are often used i ad listings and
    12-20-2022, 01:53 AM

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