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  • Denali 3- by 48-Inch Medium Duty Bar Clamp

    Denali 3- by 48-Inch Medium Duty Bar Clamp

    Well I bought some of these through the Bargain alert of a couple of days ago and someone asked "I wonder how much flex you would get on this 48" bar." So I decided to write a review. First my subjective opinion. This is a very well built clamp. It is very heavy at about 7 lbs per clamp. It is also in my opinion heavier per foot, that other similar clamps that I own. In other words the 24 clamps I have don't weigh 3.5 lbs, they way more like two. The bar seems thicker in both dimensions that the...
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  • CST/Berger LM30 Rotary Laser Kit

    CST/Berger LM30 Rotary Laser Kit

    As we have started framing the garage at the new home site our foundation contractor recommended that we purchase a laser to lay out the level lines for the walls. So after some research I purchased this CST/Berger unit at the Borg for $399 + tax. I must say that I am inpressed with this laser. It only took about 5 minutes to establish the level lines for the side and back walls of the garage. The unit is very easy to operate. It levels manually but takes only a minute or so to do it. The system...
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  • BT3000 To 3100 Shim Upgrade

    BT3000 To 3100 Shim Upgrade

    Upgrading the shims avoids the issue of the BT3000 shims dropping out and causing the blade-raising mechanism to bind.

    Before you begin:
    Call Ryobi technical support at 1-800-525-2579 with the serial number from your saw to
    verify that your saw is eligible for the upgrade. Some earlier BT3000s are not.

    ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ designations assume you are starting by looking at the front of the saw.
    These instructions assume a stock
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  • RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe

    RIKON 70-100 Mini Lathe

    The lathe arrived today. Although I will not be able to play with it for some time I did remove it from the packaging and set it up on a work table just to inspect it and make sure it would run. I must say I am very impressed with the fit and finish of this lathe. There is no paint where it shouldn't be, the bed is polished nicely and not a spot of corrosion. The handles are all chromed metal and feel very solid. The only plastic part on the lathe is the belt cover. Changing belt speeds is a...
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  • HF Combination square set

    HF Combination square set

    I got the Centech 4-piece combination square set HF#92471 for around 6-7 bucks. I think it was on sale for $6, a buck off the regular price. Having a decent Stanley Comb. Square, I wanted a protractor and centerfinder attachment. I figured for $6, how bad can it be? Came in a wooden case which it turns out was the best part. The fit and finish was awful. the metal was rough, the paint rough and peeling and the parts did not slide well at all. I guess the square and centerfinder move OK (locking screw ...
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  • Lie-Nelson Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane

    Lie-Nelson Low Angle Adjustable Mouth Block Plane

    I have put off hand tool work for a few years now. I finally took the plunge on some nice MHG chisels a few months ago due to demands for dovetailing. A set of waterstones ensued to sharpen them. It was clear that I was sliding down the hand tool slope but I still was very apprehensive about hand tools. Frogs, back bevels, spinwheels . . . a whole new world of terms I really had no desire to learn. I picked up a good hand plane book and while full of information it really didn't point me in the...
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  • DeWalt DW056

    DeWalt DW056

    I needed more outlets in the shop and hired a friend of mine to do the work. When he got out his cordless to remove the wall plates I thought maybe I had made a mistake if he tries to put them back on with this thing. Next he is putting the new box in and I heard this clicking and he was putting the screw in just as much as he wanted to. O.K. I say. What is that Todd. He just laughed and handed it to me. After a few screws, lag bolts and nuts and bolts I knew I had to have one. I gave it...
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  • Sears router

    Sears router

    Nice features for half the price of the higher end products. While I do think that DeWalt, PC, Milwaukee etc. are well made and worth the price they ask for the better names, I do not always have hundreds of dollars to make another purchase at any given time. The new Routers from Sears are certainly a huge step above the Skil and B&D offerings, at only a slightly higher retail. I love the soft start, PC compatable base for bushings, work light and noise level that is not as deafening as some. If...
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  • Steel City Mortiser

    Steel City Mortiser

    Just ordered and recieved the Steel City Benchtop Mortiser and wanted to put a quick review of it up. It's not the cheapest mortiser around at $289 plus shipping, but it feels like a quality piece for the price. I have to admit that this is my first mortiser so that may color my views. To start with, it's heavy, about 90 pounds, with a very solid cast iron base and fence. The DHL guy was good enough to unload it next to the garage so I only had to drag it a few feet into the garage to set it up...
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  • Hitachi SB 10Y 4 x 8 Belt-Disc Sander

    Hitachi SB 10Y 4 x 8 Belt-Disc Sander

    The old 4 x 6 Ryobi was making sounds you don't won't to hear. Might have been the brushes, but that is usually a noiseless affair till the last breath before the vital signs cease to exist. 6 years or hard driving and $99 latter, not bad but not "just" what I needed. I looked at the Jet 6 x 9 for $399. Nice but the price was a bit much. I can't justify that much machine in my case with frequent, but still occasional use. I watched and waited for one to appear used.. but not in a 3 month perio...
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  • Router Edge Guide For Dado

    Router Edge Guide For Dado

    This is a basic project that I thought would be useful for some of you folks that are new to routers. I tried to photo document, even the relatively evident, so a beginner can use the instructions. I am sure I have borrowed heavily from other people in making the jig, however I didn't use any plans so I am not citing references. Material : Material is a matter of choice. I used 3/8" Baltic Birch because I happen to have a good supply due to a friendly woodworker giving me a bunch of cutoffs....
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  • Tapered Legs on the Jointer

    Tapered Legs on the Jointer

    About a year ago I promised a write-up on tapering legs using the jointer. I'm not quick, but I got it done.

    All of the following assumes you've milled your legs to size and have your joinery figured out. In this case I'm using sliding dovetails for the apron to legs, so I did all of that milling first.

    The legs I'm doing are 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 red oak, I'm using a 5/16 depth of cut on the jointer. You can change the depth of cut if you find you're not comfortable with that b...
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  • Belt Replacement

    Belt Replacement

    Hello everyone,

    I just spent an interesting couple of days with my BT3000. I broke a belt and had “one of of those days”.
    First I did a search on this site and read just about everything on belt and arbor bearing replacement.
    I choose Replacing Arbor Bearings on BT3000 by big tim.

    Replacing Arbor Bearings - BT3Central Forums

    And Belt Replacement Instructions By Ed Ellickson

    Belt Replacement Instructions

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  • Shop Fox W1677 3hp Cabinet Saw

    Shop Fox W1677 3hp Cabinet Saw

    Since so many of us are upgrading to bigger saws, I thought it would be helpful to provide a review of one possible alternative route. After deciding to go upgrade to cast iron, I shopped for contractor's saws, hybrid saws and cabinet saws. I eventually realized that I'd end up with a cabinet saw anyway, so why not skip the middle man? After reading lots of reviews and looking at saws in person, I decided on the Shop Fox or Grizzly 1023 (same saw) equipped with a Shark Guard. Full cabinet saw...
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  • Harbor Freight Chisels

    Harbor Freight Chisels

    I picked up a 6 piece Chinese Chisel set for $8.00 at Harbor Freight expecting to find I actually had a 6 piece gasket scraper set (1/4" thru 1 1/2"), but once I cleaned them up with some wet/dry sandpaper and glass (Scarysharp trick) and gave them a little hollow grind with a cool grinder I was delighted to find they work just fine and keep an adequate edge for what I was doing (softwood shaping). I wouldn't expect them to hold up under heavy pounding and abuse, but I was trimming some round tenons...
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  • How to drill perfectly placed hole into outside corner
    by LCHIEN
    Trying to drill into a outside 90 degree corner, 45° to each side, is tough, the drill bit keeps wanting to walk off.
    You can whack a small flat on the corner.
    But here is a way I did it perfectly. Using this corner drill jig

    Using the drilling jig, One hand is enough to hold the jig while drilling. The small board touching the top of the jig is my measurement stick. I use that to set the precise reproducible location of the hole relative to the top of the workpiece....
    04-26-2024, 10:41 PM
  • BT3000/3100 Featherboard using SMT
    by LCHIEN
    Here's how I do my Featherboard operations. As you know, Featherboards are spring boards meant to hold the workpiece against the fence snugly to ensure accurate rips while freeing both your hands for hand over hand and push stick smooth, even feeding of the workpiece to avoid burning and sawmarks.

    The Feather board is the classic one that they suggest you make.... Mine was made 20+ years ago, apparently a 1x4 piece of pine wood with one end cut at 30 degrees. 15-16 inches long 3 to...
    04-15-2024, 06:19 PM
  • BT3000/BT3100 Belly pan easy dust collection
    by LCHIEN
    I made a belly pan dust collection for my BT3000, using a commercially available, cheap dust pan from one of the woodworking supply houses with a 4" hose fitting.

    It seems to work effectively very simple DC belly pan under BT3000. Not tightly fitting I wanted to allow air in to carry the dust to the DC, pulling on a closed cabinet is not a good idea. So the plywood sits on the stand, not screwed down or anything. So there's air coming in thru the ends and the Shroud dust port arc....
    03-16-2024, 04:37 PM
  • BT3000/BT3100 rip fence and miter fence stop block
    by LCHIEN

    With the small t-nut for the front of the rip fence and miter fence, I made a new stop block that can be used on both

    When used on the rip fence , it can set a stop for cross cutting fixed lengths off a piece against the miter fence without risking a kickback from continuous...
    02-17-2024, 01:43 AM
  • Small T-Nut for the Left side of Rip Fence and Front of Miter Fence on BT3x saws.
    by LCHIEN
    Small T-nut for the left side of BT3 rip fence or front of miter fence (Article Version)

    11-30-2023, 04:00 PM
    I have found a perfect T-nut for the front of the BT3 miter fence and for the left side of the rip fence (same extrusion used both places)

    Its actually a weld nut, but fits the T-slot described above.

    Weld Nut: #10-24 Thread, Tab, 1/32 in Base Ht, 3/8 in Base Wd, 5/8 in Base Lg, Steel, 50 PK
    Item 1LAJ3 Mfr. Model 1LAJ3​ (WW Graingers)...
    12-07-2023, 12:19 AM
  • Special DIY T-bolt for BT3000 Miter Fence, Rip Fence and Rails
    by LCHIEN
    After a bit more thinking, some universal T-bolts for the rip miter fence make more sense than fixture blocks.
    The two big slots in the rip fence and the miter fence and the front and rear rails are sized to take 1.00 inches wide x 1/8th and 1-1/8" wide x 1/8th.

    So I took some 1/8th flat Aluminum 1.00 inches wide and cut 1-1/8" long to make a 1" x 1-1/8" rectangular plates; I used a short rip fence Block to space the length but not cause a kickback with the...
    07-09-2023, 02:37 PM

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