BT3000 Quick Fold Table and Manual


  • BT3000 Quick Fold Table and Manual

    I have attached the manual for those who requested it.

    I found this a useful accessory. Its a fairly heavy table about the width of the BT3000 and maybe just a bit deeper than the top of the BT3.

    The front attaches to the rear rail at two points of the BT3 and has a slightly beveled front to that the workpeices coming off the saw don't catch. There's a hinge right behind the rear rail which fastens to the bottom of the rear rail via T-slot using T-nuts and bolts (the hinge is articulated so that the table is at the height of the saw table). WHen open there's about a 4" or so gap between the back of the saw table and the front of the outfeed table.

    The rear of the outfeed table is supposrted by a single leg which is adjustable height and it folds up so the table lies almost flat against the back fo the saw when not used. The adjustable height makes it so the workpieces coming off the saw can lie relatively flat on the outfeed while the workpiece is still flat on the saw table.

    I like this table and always have it open. I did have to make one modification.
    I prefer to have the table positioned so that the left and right sides match up with the normal ends of the rail and with my aux table on the right and the SMT on the left and some movement for each of them, as I think most people do.

    When positioned squarely behind the saw rip cuts feed out nicely and so do any panels/sheet goods with 2-3 feet on either side of the blade.

    The problem is that the left hinge of the table ends coming up behind the SMT and preventing the SMT from traveling all the way back as you would normally need. So you'd have to remove the QF table so make miter/SMT cuts, folded or not.

    My solution was to move the left hinge a bit to the right, so its behind the main table. THis involves drilling and countersinking two holes for that hinge in the top of the QF table to recess the bolts holding the hinge. The rear rail is slotted the full width so there's no adjustment needed there.

    Anyway the new position allows full use of the saw. The SMT can only go so far back with the QF table unfolded, but the face of the miter fence goes past the front of the blade so most all miter cuts can be made. If you need the SMT to go further back (e.g. you moved the miter fence to the front of the SMT or have some angled cut) then you can fold the QF table down and the SMT will have full travel.

    The other drawback is that the hinges being closer together gives the table a little less solid feeling when folding compared to the hinges being set wider apart. But, there's no long term issue with this, I have been using this for 10+ years.
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    • rabmaxx
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      extension table

      I am in the process of drawing up plans (thinking stage at this point) for an extension table on the left side of my BT3.

      I had in mind 2x4 construction with one inch dowels, about three feet long and 18 inches wide.

      I would appreciate and comments, plans or suggestions on this project.


    • rabmaxx
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      Some years back (too long to remember) I purchased a Ryobi extended table, similar hook up but different shape, found it too awkward and heavy to use. Thanks for the post.

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